energizing-home-decor-ideas-for-spring-green-table-featured-image.pngSpring is almost here, and your home can reflect the bright colours and warmth of the season with just a bit of work. We’ve put together a few tips to help you get started. The fresh breezes of spring may tempt you to refresh your décor, and there are many ways to accomplish this.

Once you open up your living space to the spring sunshine, accessories like pillows, lampshades, and rugs can complement each other and bring beautiful spring colours to life in your home.

1. Brighten Up Rooms

Window treatments are a big part of any room’s décor, and they can close a room in or lighten and brighten the décor. Open up your living room by replacing heavy drapes with a bright topper and sheer panels. You’ll still have privacy when needed, simply by adding blinds behind the light and airy sheer drapes.

2. Create a White Backdrop

Another bright idea (excuse the pun) is replacing drapes altogether and adding white wooden shutters to the windows. These are the easiest type of window coverings to operate.

You simply raise or lower the bar between pairs of shutters to open and close. They’re especially good for bathrooms because the bottom panels can stay closed while the top panels remain open to let in lots of light.

energizing-home-decor-ideas-for-spring-sitting-area.png3. Add Splashes of Spring Colour

Once you’ve rearranged to let as much light as possible into your home, it’s time to brighten up the décor with splashes of colour. Throw pillows don’t last forever, so perhaps it’s time to splurge on updated ones.

You can also buy covers for your existing pillows, but they sometimes cost as much as new pillows. The advantage of covers is that you can remove or replace them later, and change up the décor once again.

4. Refresh Lamp Shades

Lamp shades are something we don’t notice after a while…they’re just there, like the walls. However, they can make a big difference in the colour and impact of a room.

Switching them out allows you to change up the décor according to the season. For spring, coordinate them with your new pillows for a designer look in the living room. Dress lamps up with eclectic finials on top, or give them all the same topper to create a polished look.

5. Make Colours Pop

Mixing solids and patterns is an eye-catching design trick. When choosing room accents, try to pick up on the minor colours in the room, like the frame of a large painting or items on the shelves.

Speaking of frames, take a look at the ones on your walls. The simple decorating trick of investing in new frames can help the spring colours you’ve picked stand out and please the eye.

6. Bring the Outdoors Inside

Green plants create a soothing atmosphere indoors, and they can be used in your decorating to add beauty to a room. Once you’ve opened up the windows to let as much light in as possible, arrange a few standing plants in front of a window.

The reflected light from the plants creates the illusion of being outside. Supplement the larger plants with small potted plants in cute containers. You can put them on shelves or end tables to enhance the outdoor effect.

7. Decorate With Fruit and Flowers

Fruit and flowers make your home feel fresh and vibrant. Pick up a bouquet at the grocery store the next time you go shopping. You can arrange the flowers in a vase or in a mason jar, and even create small bunches for the shelves.

Fresh fruit in the kitchen is always appealing. Try combining green, red, orange and yellow citrus fruits in a large, clear glass container. Or hang a basket from the ceiling in the kitchen and fill it with a mix of apples in spring colours.

energizing-home-decor-ideas-for-spring-bedroom.png8. Go All-Out in Your Bedroom

The bedroom is a retreat for many of us, and it makes sense to give it some extra attention. How long have you had the same bedspread and drapes?

There are some great deals online for complete bedroom sets that include the bedspread, pillow shams, dust ruffle and even matching curtains or window toppers. Give your personal space the same loving attention as the rest of the house with beautiful spring decorating touches.

9. Goodbye Clutter, Hello Colour!

A collection of teacups or small decorative baskets on a shelf can be both a style element and a clutter keeper. If you place these little accents just above eye level, they’re great for sweeping up tiny toys, extra pens, loose change, keys and other clutter. Larger baskets placed beneath end tables can perform double duty as part of the décor and a place to store larger items.

10. Underneath it All

We’ve talked about how to renew and brighten your home from the top down, with window treatments, shelves, lamp shades, and pillows. Another way to create an impact is to use colourful spring rugs.

Even in a carpeted room, a contrasting throw rug can be layered on top. Use a bright area rug to define a space such as a living room or play area, and as another way to bring the colours of spring into your home.

Ultimately, decorating for spring is something you can really have fun with. Try out some of these ideas, and you may even find their energizing effect can inspire your own creative twists!

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