14 Space-Saving Tips to Organize Your Home Bonus Room imageWhile choosing a functional floor plan can go a long way, even the biggest and most luxurious homes can eventually run out of room over the years. So, there’s no shame in trying to maximize your space by re-organizing your belongings. If you’ve been hurting for elbow room, here are just 14 ways to soothe the pain with a tidier house!

1. Utilize Your Vertical Space

Vertical space is the kind that isn’t tables or countertops. Instead of dropping all of your belongings on flat, horizontal surfaces, the idea is to use vertical space to maximize your storage capacity. Here are just a few ways that you might try vertical organization:

Stacking boxes
Hanging baskets from the ceiling
Installing shelves and hooks on walls

2. Buy Multipurpose Furniture

The only thing better than a bed is a bed that also has bookshelves built into the bottom. You can find all kinds of fun, creative multipurpose furniture out there, and there are even sites that will teach you how to build your own. The key is making sure it’s both stylish and functional.

3. Roll Your Clothes

This technique is used by flight attendants and frequent travellers because it lets you fit large volumes into tiny spaces. Instead of folding your shirts and pants, roll them into tight, compressed cylinders that can be stacked into your dressers. You’ll be able to store a lot more without having to throw anything away.

14 Space-Saving Tips to Organize Your Home Closet image4. Re-Organize Your Closet

Speaking of closets, if you haven’t already invested in double hangers, now is the time to do so. They’ll let you store twice the amount of clothes in the exact same space! You can also install extra rods around your closet to use all of those blank walls that aren’t serving any other purpose.

5. Dust Under the Stairs

You don’t have to be Harry Potter to appreciate the cupboard under the stairs. If you need storage space, you can install shelves and hooks to turn it into everything from a storage shed to a hall closet; if you want to repurpose it entirely, you can transform it into a reading nook or child’s play area.

6. Fill Your Gaps

Do you have an open space between your kitchen cabinets or bathroom cupboards? Or is there a wall or floor where the corners don’t quite meet? Instead of letting these things exist as dead space, install some hooks, shelves, drawers, or wire organizers so you can utilize every inch of the available area. 

Talking to your builder about built-in storage ideas will ensure every nook and cranny is used to the best design advantage. 

7. Make Tables Out of Non-Tables

Whether they’re next to the bed or in the center of your living room design, coffee tables are a fixture of the modern home. They’re also big space-wasters. Think about getting creative and using a trunk or storage ottoman as your new coffee table; they’ll provide the same function but with bonus storage inside.

8. Replace Inconvenient Doors and Windows

Maybe your swinging doors always bang into furniture when they’re opened too quickly. Maybe your windows push out when you’d prefer them to slide by. If you want to decrease accidents and increase usable, non-hazardous space, consider replacing your doors and windows with newer, sleeker models.

9. Create Additional Rooms

You might have moved into a three-bedroom house, but who says it has to stay a three-bedroom house? Convert the attic or basement into a livable area. It might require a bit of upfront cash for things like electricity and insulation, but once you get it done, you’ll have a whole new room where you can arrange old furniture or stash moody teenagers.

10. Section Off Your Drawers

If your dresser drawers always turn into a heap of clothing despite your best efforts of keeping them neat, try fitting them with 2-3 empty shoe boxes. Your clothes can be stored and organized inside the boxes depending on things like color, size and material. By increasing the efficiency of your organization, you’ll ultimately require less space.

14 Space-Saving Tips to Organize Your Home Mudroom11. Use Your Foyer

Many people breeze right through their empty foyer without considering the true potential of the square footage. You can take advantage of this “free space” by putting clothes racks, umbrella stands, and vanity tables right there along with your shoes and key chain hooks.

12. Cube It

Cubes are very useful for household organization. This is because they can be re-stacked and re-purposed depending on the need, so they might, say, hold your child’s toys for a few years until your child becomes a student and needs a bookshelf instead. You should definitely invest in organizational cubes if you’re worried about floor room!

13. Hide Your Belongings

If you feel like your stuffed shelves and cupboards are giving the room a cramped feeling, you can always hide them behind pretty curtains or panel screens. Your belongings will still be accessible when you need them but otherwise stay out of sight and out of mind.

14. Don’t Forget the Ceiling

Last, but certainly not least, the ceiling offers more storage options than most people realize. Racks can be hung for basketballs and teddy bears; wall-mounted shelves can be installed to hold storage bins. While you might not fancy this kind of storage in a visible place like the living room, it’s perfect for closets, attics, and garages.

These are just a few ways to increase the floor space of your home. Whether you’re starting over in a new house or just looking to increase the neatness of the one you already own, use these tips to create a more organized, spacious home!


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