2022 Home Design Trends

Home is a place to unwind and reflect on how you want your life to be. Here are some ideas for your new-build or existing home improvement projects that you might want to consider.

Kal Bhojak

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June 23, 2022

Homeownership is a dream for so many, however saving and obtaining a downpayment can be a challenging task. It’s no secret that rental rates and cost of living costs have risen substantially over the last couple of years. If buying a home is important to you, one of the first steps is sometimes the most daunting! Saving for your downpayment will not only be incredibly rewarding, but it can help you to create some healthy financial habits along the way.

It’s not always simple though, so we have a few unique ways to approach it.


For the majority of homes, the kitchen is – knowingly or unknowingly – a pivotal place!

While all-white remains popular for illuminating its surroundings with a cleaner look, a less formal and more laidback approach is gaining popularity.

A combination of light and multi-layered design will draw attention in many ways, creating visual texture and distinctiveness to give flair in a more casual setting.

Consider a new appearance that combines light and delicate colors and styles.

Functional storage space is a no-brainer to store all your everyday items. Wood tones and textures like hand-made tiles, wood accents, MDF wall details, shiplap, etc., will allow breaking single white tones.

Dining Room

During the pandemic, we have all worked at the dining table and incorporated a makeshift gym into our home – sounds familiar?

Hosting modest parties and get-togethers is once again emphasized as normalcy resumes in our homes.

A light wood dining table with rounded seating would help to build a softer, more pleasant atmosphere.

Larger scale lighting fixtures and soft-colored accents are suggested, for finding the right balance between informal and formal dining room settings.


The bedroom’s fundamental need is to be a personal oasis space to unwind, rest, and relax.

Comfort can be improved by multi-layered luscious cushions, eco-friendly materials in bedding, décor, and luxurious textiles.

A blend of wall patterns, aromatic candles, family photos, mellow lighting fixtures, and your favorite bedtime reading books. The use of soft white and grey accent colors will help set the tone.

As visitors return to your home post-pandemic, guest rooms are once again in the spotlight. Brightly colored textures, decorations, and bedding will help to create a welcoming environment for your upcoming visitors.

A side-bed bench, which provides usefulness and storage space for practically all rooms, has recently become the norm.


A comfy shower for personal pampering is a must-have component in any bathroom. Multi-layered showerheads in a tiled shower are a big wow factor in any ensuite. For a soothing, long-lasting appearance, marble-like countertops are becoming the norm in bathrooms, as in kitchens.

Cabinets and drawer storage solutions that are task-oriented and open concept are popular, with customizable cabinetry adding a personal touch. Hand-made tiles, multiple metal hardware, and architecturally intriguing lighting systems with rich wood and black accents can all add to the allure.

Living Room

Softer lines in furniture are a trend and a simple overhaul will transform your living room for years ahead.

Utilizing a comfy sofa and sectionals, contrasting with curvy furniture and swirly chairs will uplift your living space. Neutral shades made of spill-proof fabrics can be easy to clean and maintain their durability.


During the warm months, you might also wish to expand, mimic, and combine your inside living area into your garden and patio. Outdoor furniture materials have evolved and offer better durability in all types of weather.

Your outdoor space can be made comfortable during chilly evenings by adding a TV, fireplace, firepits, and electric heaters. You may increase your outdoor privacy by creatively integrating screens, fences, and pergolas. Adding outdoor home gyms to stay in shape during summer offer a serene place to work out and take in the sunshine. The use of matte-finished decorative and patterned floor tiles that are slip-proof will extend your style further.

Make your outdoor space habitable for animals and comfortable for your pets. Home-grown trees, planters, shrubs, and grasses function as a water barrier and promote environmental sustainability.

Colors and Textures

Use of earthy greens, calming grey and blue tones, plush velvet materials, hand-made patterned tiles, and wooden accents will enhance the look and feel of your living space.

Bringing it all together

In terms of house design and layout, universal design aspects, materials and principles are proposed that will keep your living space contemporary for many years to come and even aging in place, with ease of accessibility in mind.

Above all, ensure you create a space that reflects you and your style and is truly a place you can feel at home.

About the Author: Kal Bhojak

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