essentail-community-features-calgary-c-train.pngAlthough the design, cost, and features are important aspects of choosing a new home in beautiful Calgary, it’s also essential to choose a home in a location that enhances your lifestyle. The community where your home is located will dictate your daily routine, and a neighbourhood that isn’t a good match for your needs and desires may require unwanted changes to your lifestyle.

To determine the right community for your preferred lifestyle, it’s important to start by taking a close look at the type of amenities that are important to you. Finding a new neighbourhood to provide those conveniences will meet your needs while saving time, eliminating expenses and making your home life more enjoyable.

1. Time Spent Commuting

Whether you drive, walk, bike or take public transportation to work, and to shopping and entertainment venues, you should carefully research your new routes from the areas you’re considering for the location of your new home. Even if you don’t mind adding a long commute to your day, the costs of additional gasoline and maintenance for your vehicle should be added to your proposed budget.

Public transportation is an excellent option for many commuters, but you will experience an easier commute from some neighbourhoods than you will others. Be sure to spend time in the communities you’re considering to identify the location of transportation hubs, timetables, transfer requirements and other factors that play a role in making public transportation convenient or inconvenient.  Here is some excellent public transportation information available for Calgary.

If you’re making a move to Calgary from another city, don’t forget to factor climate differences into your decision about the new community you’re considering. Although you may have regularly walked to school and work from your former home, in our cold, snowy winters, you may wish to choose a different type of transportation for your commuting needs at that time of year.

2. Shopping, Banking and Exercise Amenities

As you learn more about your potential new community in Calgary, be sure to take a close look at the options for your shopping, banking, exercise and medical needs. If your current home has easy access to the shops and services you prefer along with outdoor and indoor options for exercising, you will want to seek the same for your new community and home.

A wonderful walking trail, a park and a convenient network of safe sidewalks are a welcome option in any community, and easy walking or driving access to the services you frequently require will make your new house a convenient and comfortable place to call home.

essentail-community-features-calgary-neighbourhood.png3. Entertainment Options in the Area

Depending on your interests, you’ll want to consider the options for entertainment in your potential new neighbourhood as well. Restaurants, movie theatres, nightlife, sporting events, museums and concert halls may be on your list of favourite things to do in your free time.

Locating the best options in your potential new community – or calculating the distance to your current favourite entertainment options elsewhere in Calgary – can help you to decide if this community will be a good choice for you.

4. Regional Costs: Average or Expensive?

An affluent community may be a wonderful place to live, but the cost of local services and goods may also be high. When researching new communities, be sure to walk into stores to get a feel for the types of goods being sold and the costs of local goods and services. If boutiques and gourmet food stores are the only local options, you may find yourself driving to another area of Calgary to find shopping opportunities that match your budget.

5. Proximity to Friends and Family Members

Above all else, it is important to choose a new community that’s convenient for your friends and family to visit and for you to continue to be easily able to commute to their homes as well. A busy neighbourhood may frequently have heavy traffic, and difficult access may deter frequent visits from those you love the most. Consider the routes your family and friends travel between their homes, workplaces and other essential services in Calgary; a wonderful result will be finding a new community with an ideal location for frequent visits.

Moving to a new home requires thoughtful research, and taking the time to compare all the various details and make a logical – rather than an emotional – decision will serve you well in the long run. After all, no matter how much you love your house, the community surrounding it will dictate your overall experiences and lifestyle in your new home in the beautiful city of Calgary.

Photo credit: C-Train, calgary neighbourhood