6 Family Friendly Kitchen Features imageA family-friendly kitchen is perfect for creating happy memories whenever you have a gathering. No matter whether you frequently entertain with large gatherings, or your kids invite most of the guests; you’ll love being able to choose some of the top family-friendly features available.

Our floor plans make it easy for you to select features that best suit your family’s needs, helping you get the most enjoyment out of your custom kitchen floor plan. 

Prepare Meals at a Kitchen Island

When you have a kitchen island, you’ll have a more accessible preparation area without sacrificing counter space. The workspace in the middle of the kitchen is perfect for busy parents with kids who like to be around the centre of the action when everything is going on (especially when you’re preparing a tasty dessert!) 

The storage space under an island is a good place to store items for easier access for kids. Keeping snacks and other items within reach for your kids provides a safer, neater kitchen environment, and is likely to get kids more interested in what you do when you’re cooking a meal.

6 Family Friendly Kitchen Features Great Room imageOpt for an Open Floor Plan 

When choosing the best floor plan for your family, you want a layout that will make daily routines run as smoothly as possible. One of the most coveted features in any kitchen is an open floor plan, and our floor plans won’t disappoint you where open space is concerned. An open kitchen area gives you plenty of space as you go about preparing meals of all sizes, especially if you need to supervise kids at play while preparing meals. 

When you have a larger kitchen area, you can also designate plenty of room for your pets to have meals away from the main table area. With the storage space available in our kitchen and pantry areas, your pet’s favourite foods and treats will be easily accessed at meal times.

Stock and Store in a Pantry

Pantry space not only makes it easier to store a lot of food but also allows for easier organization. Many older children and teens enjoy learning how to cook, so the more orderly your food storage, the better for them. Depending on your household’s needs, you might be able to provide a place where your kids can store the foods that they prepare the most often in a designated area. 

If they frequently make snacks or meals to take to school or friends’ houses, they can find everything they need quickly and even get into a regular habit of keeping their part of the pantry organized.

6 Family Friendly Kitchen Features Nook imageMake Use of an Eating Nook 

An eating nook, sometimes known as a breakfast nook, gives you a perfect place to eat, with a cozier feel than a formal dining room area. When you’re sharing a casual meal among household members, these nooks are a nice way to enjoy a meal while saving your formal area for special occasions. 

If your holiday meals include inviting family members and friends with younger kids, an eating nook can provide a convenient kids’ table. Younger kids and adults can enjoy their meals in settings that work well for their needs, and if you have entertainment options like a TV near your nook, everyone will win in that situation. 

Add Space With a Pull-Out Countertop 

Beautiful countertops are one of the top kitchen features to look for, but along with enhancing the look of your kitchen, added counter space can increase convenience. If you have younger kids who enjoy helping out around the kitchen, a pull-out countertop at a lower height than the main countertop is a good way to help include them in your activities. 

You’ll be able to give them a bit of independence while they’re taking part in food preparation by working nearby, so you can still supervise what they’re doing. These countertop areas are also useful if you’re busy cooking a meal and need to keep an eye on your kids while they do homework or other activities.

Include a Flat-Screen TV 

A large kitchen offers the advantage of enough room to include some unique features. For example, you could set up a flat-screen TV to be able to watch your favourite shows uninterrupted. Depending on your layout, you can make use of your counter space, a wall mount, or a cabinet to set up your TV.

These family-friendly touches will help ensure your kitchen has a lot of appeal for every member of your household. No matter what age your kids are or how frequently you have younger guests in your home, you’ll enjoy the benefits these features offer. We think you’ll quickly find the perfect floor plan to suit your needs as a family, that includes your ideal kitchen.


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