advantages-building-new-home-berkshire-ranchers-rise.pngIs it time for you move to a larger home that better suits your needs? It is common for growing families to want to expand their living space, and it doesn’t hurt to upgrade on style and convenience at the same time. New homes have many advantages over resale homes, including modern building materials, new appliances, and cutting-edge technology. Often, moving into a new home also means moving into a brand new community with new schools, amenities and roadways.

Let’s take a look at the seven major advantages you’ll find when you decide on a new home build.

1. It’s a Buyer’s Market

In a buyer’s market, builders begin to put spec homes up for sale to reduce their inventories and there are quite a few deals on turn-key homes. These are homes that need no cleaning, repairs or modifications and are move-in ready. There are also a lot of good deals to be had on upgrades from builders. Here is a detailed look at the factors that make it a buyer’s market right now in Calgary, but it’s not expected to last so now is your perfect opportunity to buy.

2. You Can Customize

One of the top draws of buying a brand new home is being able to make customizations. It’s a big job to change countertops, flooring, and paint in a pre-owned home. However, with a good Calgary builder you’ll be able to choose your own custom features when you have a home built especially for your family. Many design elements in your new home can be upgraded or adjusted to suit your own tastes as well.

Some people gravitate toward older dwellings because they’re looking for charm and character in the architecture. However, older homes can have dated design elements that are hard to work around. With a new home build, you can get the same impressive architectural features but with all the must-have features you want.

advantages-building-new-home-berkshire-model-kitchen.png3. Better Value

Don’t be put off by the higher price tag on a new home over an existing one. You’re getting so much more for your money, such as newer building materials and modern finishes. Not only that, the new appliances and HVAC system will use less energy than older ones do and those savings add up over time. With a newly built home, there are no hidden costs of yearly maintenance and repair.

New homes are built according to updated, comprehensive building and safety codes. Further benefits of new construction include flame-retardant building materials and a tighter seal (less places for the elements to pass through) on the structure. Improved ventilation techniques allow your home to be energy efficient while maintaining a high quality of indoor air. It’s comforting to know that your family is living in a newly constructed dwelling built just for you.

4. Ease Of Financing

Builders work hand-in-hand with reputable lenders who are willing to go the extra mile to make sure you get the best mortgage available. With a steady stream of customers, mortgage professionals have some leeway in closing costs and points, and they can find you the best deal and interest rate. Not only that, neighbourhood developers often give rebates and upgrades to entice buyers to their new communities.

5. Advanced Home Technology

Smart home technology is one of the most exciting upgrades in the new home market. A lot of things that would have to be purchased and installed in an older home are commonplace with new construction. This includes cutting-edge alarm systems, built-in speakers and entertainment centres, wiring and outlets for cable, internet and more. Your energy-efficient appliances are going to have all the modern features, not to mention the reliability of being brand new.

6. A New Community

Many of the new home developments on the outskirts of Calgary are part of new, family-friendly communities that are just getting started. There are many new schools, libraries, and recreational centres completed or underway right now. Roads are being expanded and new ones built as neighbourhoods are built out. On every corner are new grocery stores, restaurants, and shopping centres under construction. This is exciting news knowing that every thing you need will be a short walk or drive away!

New home developments in the suburbs place a lot of emphasis on green space and common areas for the neighbourhood. You’ll find that your new home comes with walking and biking trails and parks, and possibly its own clubhouse. There are quite a few new communities that are built around nature preserves, ensuring the continuing beauty of the natural surroundings. One of the best rewards of living in a new neighbourhood is the ability to be a part of a new community from the very beginning.

7. Moving Up To A Better Way Of Life

While the population of the city centre has remained stable or declined, new construction on the outskirts of Calgary has brought thousands of new residents to its suburbs. Calgary land use regulators are taking this into account and keeping pace with the new growth. With eight new schools planned for this year alone and ten more for 2017, families with children will encounter new schools when they move to the suburbs of Calgary.

A new home with spacious bedrooms for everyone in the family and beautiful surroundings is something everyone aspires to have one day. Once you find a builder you like and a salesperson you trust, buying a newly constructed home is incredibly rewarding. You can even choose a lot that faces the best direction for your style of home. It’s satisfying to know that your children will be able to attend new schools while you enjoy the amenities of new shopping centres and restaurants in your family’s new community.