elegant-upgrade-options-totally-worth-it-montego-kitchen-featured-image.pngAs your children grow, you may find your family has a need for more room and the features of a modern home. Now might be the time to reward yourself and your family. In choosing a new, better-suited home, there are many upgrade options that can provide you with the style and efficiency equal to that of your family’s changing needs.

To start, you’ll want to choose a home builder you can trust to include the customizations you need and then some. Take a look at the list below for further ideas on what upgraded features may be worth including for you and your family.

1. Extra Bedrooms

When trying to decide on a functional floor plan for your family, try to plan for three or more bedrooms. This will allow everyone to have their own space – ideal for a family whose needs will change over time. A floor plan that includes bedrooms in the basement, ground level, and upper floors will give your family more options for having more privacy; an excellent solution for both parents and children alike.

2. An Ensuite

You can also customize your ensuite to serve as your personal getaway when you need to recharge. Your spa-like retreat can include a variety of design features, from built-in jacuzzis and wall-mounted fireplaces, to customized showers and his and hers sinks.  With a customized ensuite, you can get some well-deserved relaxation any time you need it.


3. A Centralized Kitchen

Having an open layout enables you to design an executive-style kitchen, conveniently located in the center of your home. As the most popular meet-up area for family and friends, you’ll want a kitchen that has plenty of room for everybody. A breakfast nook, ample counter space and an informal dining room with a built-in bar is perfect for both everyday dining and large get-togethers.

4. Adding a Spice Kitchen

Generally located next to the primary kitchen and dining room, the spice kitchen is often used as a storage room for spices and serving equipment and as a place to prepare meals that have pungent smells. If you love to entertain, a spice kitchen allows you to fix and serve dishes without affecting the whole house. A more extravagant spice kitchen might include fixtures and appliances like sinks, dishwashers, and fridges.

5. More Storage Space

A family with growing kids needs plenty of storage space – particularly with older children and/or kids who take part in several activities. Sports equipment, special projects, and years of accumulated stuff make storage space a precious commodity in a busy home. For this reason, walk-in bedroom closets, large storage rooms, spacious garages, and a finished basement will allow you to store your belongings in an orderly fashion.

6. Homework and Study Areas

Homework is unavoidable for any household that has school-aged kids. For this reason, a designated area for this task will prevent textbooks and papers from piling up on your counter tops and dining table. A work table next to the dining area is a common add-on or a study area in a less noisy section of your home might also be helpful. Pre-installed workstations with built-in accessories for electronics and room for storage can help your kids get the most out of their homework time.

7. Private Offices

A private office on the ground level of your house is a perfect solution for remote workers or home-based business owners who would prefer a sole-purpose office area to work in. Distancing your office from the remainder of the house helps you to maintain the boundary between your work and recreational time with your family. Customizing a side access door gives you as much privacy as a commercial office but in your own home.

8. Personalizing Your Outdoor Area

Owning a home with a dynamic yard and garden area is also important to the well-being of your family. Having a customized deck or patio for kids games or hosting can make your house seem even bigger, as though it were an additional room. Having a lavish outdoor area is especially necessary for the summer season when you’ll want to spend a large amount of time outdoors with family and friends.

With the wealth of modern options available for your home, it’s easier than ever to coordinate your lifestyle with a spacious home that meets your family’s needs. By keeping a few of these features in mind when it comes time upgrade, you’re sure to create a stylish, functional home the home family will enjoy for years to come.