What some see as optional, we see as essential in every home we build. A home built with Sterling Homes lets you build your best life by providing the lifestyle and comfort you deserve, reducing environmental impact and helping you save!

Each build is certified by BUILT GREEN®, providing an Energuide rating which evaluates the level of sustainability and efficiency in your home in comparison to the average home.


  • 15% more efficient than the average home
  • Potential mortgage insurance premium rebate
  • Lower monthly electricity, gas, and water bills
  • Greater durability for a sustainable and long lasting home
  • Stronger resale value in the future

Energy Efficiency and Performance Essentials

Cost: INCLUDED in every Sterling Home
Features and Benefits:
  • Built Green Registration and Blower Door Testing offers potential mortgage insurance savings and peace of mind
  • Plans designed for natural light featuring low maintenance Solar Shield, double glazed, argon filled windows.  Includes white vinyl windowsills and jambs plus double slider egress basement window(s). Spray foam seal around door and window openings for greater efficiency.
  • Solar Chase for a Solar Ready Home in the future
  • Control Your Home Anytime, Anywhere with Honeywell Prestige Programmable Thermostat allowing you to monitor and adjust your home’s temperature, humidity, and ventilation
  • Reduced day-to-day operating costs: LED lighting, energy efficient appliances, water conservative plumbing fixtures, 48 US gal. natural gas water heater
  • 96% efficient furnace and ECM motor with active heat recovery ventilator (HRV) offers a healthier interior environment and superior air quality throughout the home
  • Complete power vac furnace and duct cleaning prior to possession allowing you to move into a fresh and clean home
  • Your home will be well insulated from the exterior elements and comfortable year-round. Includes R-50 ceiling insulation, R-20 exterior wall insulation, R-12 basement wall insulation, R-35 spray foam insulation under living space above garage and cantilevers
  • Garage walls with R-12 or R-20 insulation, drywall and one coat of fire tape (attached garage models only)
  • R-10 garage door with quiet belt drive door opener and 2 remotes
  • Radon gas mitigation rough-in

Enhanced Energy Efficiency Bundle

Cost: $4,850*
Features and Benefits:
  • Triple pane with Solar Block U windows with an argon filled layer increases the retention of the heat from your home and allow for greater solar heat gain – a source of free energy. Plus triple pane windows insulate you from exterior noise
  • The IBC Superflow SFT-199 NG tankless hot water on demand results in greater efficiency and lower energy consumption, as water is heated only when you need it.  In addition, this tank offers space savings in your mechanical room
  • Future planning is in the works with our 60 amp electric car charging station rough in (attached garage homes only). Whether you currently own an electric car or are thinking of one down the road, electrical vehicles help save on monthly gas costs and lower pollution making them more environmentally friendly
Solar Energy used on the roofs of home in Drake Landing Okotoks

Solar Energy

Cost: Varies by Home
Features and Benefits:
  • Did you know that Calgary is one of the sunniest cities in the world?
  • Solar Panels allow you to harness renewable energy covering a percentage of your home’s energy operating costs and saving you even more monthly
  • Ranging in configurations from 6 panels to 20 panels, the sky is the limit and the positive environmental impact will provide you peace of mind

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*Pricing and specifications subject to change without notice. Savings based on average home rating, performance may vary.