At-Home Routines to Kick-Start School Season Featured ImageIt’s time for your kids to go back to school! The transition from summer vacation to the daily school routine can be challenging for kids of all ages, but there are some simple ways parents can make this transition smooth and painless.

Select an Outfit for the Next School Day 

Before going to bed for the night, ask your kids to choose an outfit for the next day of school. Hang the outfit at the front of your child’s closet or lay it over a nearby chair. This simple task helps you and your child avoid the early morning stress of rushing around to find and put together an outfit. 

Make a Morning Checklist for Your Young Children 

A checklist can be invaluable in making the morning go smoothly. Your young child can check off tasks as he or she goes through the morning. Once again, this takes some of the guesswork out of making sure your child is ready for the school day. 

Some examples of items to put on the checklist:

  • Brush your hair.
  • Brush your teeth.
  • Make your bed.
  • Make sure your homework is in your backpack.

at-home-routines-kick-start-school-season-cozy-workspace-imageCreate a Selection of Easy to Grab Snacks 

Preparing snacks ahead of time can take some of the stress out of both the morning and after school routines. One idea is to put large containers of bagged snacks on a shelf in your walk-in pantry, fridge or family command centre (if you have one!), so the kids can grab them for their school bag or take into the study room. 

Suggestions for premade snacks:

  • Peanut free trail mix or granola bars
  • Cheese and crackers (keep in refrigerator)
  • Veggies  and dip  (keep in refrigerator)
  • Yoghurt covered raisins

Put Up Labels in the Mudroom for Jackets and School Bags 

Keeping your mudroom organized can move your school day morning along in a peaceful way. Label a coat hook for each child to use for his or her jacket and schoolbag. Plus, make sure there’s a space for your child’s shoes or boots so they can just slip them on in the morning and go!

When the children arrive home after school, they have a place to hang their jacket or coat. This prevents any missing coat mysteries the following morning when kids are leaving for school.

Organize the Kids’ Study Room with Labeled Shelves 

The bonus room in a home makes for a great study room where kids can finish their homework in quiet and research projects after school. To keep the area organized, put some shelves on one wall and designate one for each child. These shelves can hold your child’s books, papers, pencils, pens and other supplies.

For more tips on keeping things organized, take a look at some of our other space-saving tips for your home

Make a Decision about Breakfast the Previous Evening 

To make breakfast go smoothly on a school morning, get the kids to decide what they want ahead of time. If they want cereal, then you can have the cereal and bowls out ready to go. Planning breakfast ahead of time can save minutes and contributes to the relaxed mood of the school day morning.

At-Home Routines to Kick-Start School Season School Lunch ImageMake Lunches the Night Before 

Getting the kids to make their lunches each evening can help smooth out the next school day morning. Clear a place on a shelf in the walk-in pantry or refrigerator for the lunch bags so the kids know just where they are as they get ready to leave in the morning. You can designate one shelf in your walk-in pantry just for school lunches. 

Create Incentives for Successful Morning Preparation 

Some kids need a little extra incentive to follow through with making lunches and choosing their outfits the night before school. Think about giving your kids a special incentive to do these things. Let the children who follow through with these tasks watch a cartoon or have a fun treat after school. 

Set a Pleasant Tone in the Morning 

Setting the right tone in your home in the morning can help kids to transition from summertime to the school year in a smooth way. Play some CDs of relaxing classical music or jazz tunes. Or, put on a CD with nature sounds like falling rain, birds singing, or a rushing river. Soothing background music or sounds can set a pleasant tone for the day. 

Factor in Some Free Time Before Leaving for School 

Make sure your kids’ morning routine allows for some free time. Ten or fifteen free minutes in the morning allows you and your child to take a breath and chat a little bit before leaving for school and work. Plus, this free time gives your child a chance to double check their backpack to make sure nothing is forgotten. 

Taking these steps can make back to school time a breeze for your family. Once the kids get back into the routine, things will move more quickly each morning.{{cta(’74d4c3b5-9745-47ae-beca-52bfe2e07c92′,’justifycenter’)}}

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