The Benefits of Maintenance-Free Home Exteriors Featured ImageOne of the benefits of choosing a brand new home is the chance to utilize the latest building technologies. In particular, new and improved materials will keep your home’s exterior looking great for many years to come.

Not only do new materials look better, but they also required a lot less maintenance, saving homeowners significant amounts of time and money. New exterior materials are also much better at resisting weather and storm damage, an important consideration for Canadian homeowners. 


No matter what style of home you choose, you’re going to have one or more exterior doors, and these serve as the focal point for the outside of your home. One of the great advantages of choosing a brand-new home is you can decide what materials to use for your exterior doors, particularly your front entryway. 

Traditionally, even exterior doors were made out of wood, but this is no longer the most popular choice. A popular material for front doors is steel, but many Canadians are choosing to go with fibreglass composite doors for even more durability. 

Fibreglass, just as the name suggests, is made from finely woven strands of a glass-like material that are then hardened. These doors tend to be priced around the same as steel but have a much softer and more organic feel. Even better, it’s easy to insulate fibreglass doors with advanced foam materials, ensuring that cold air and wintry weather has no chance of creeping into your home. 

Fibreglass doors never dent, rust, or become weathered. They can also be painted or textured for added appeal. And because their interior is often a foam core, fibreglass doors themselves are a superior source of insulation. 

The Benefits of Maintenance-Free Home Exteriors Siding ImageSiding 

Long ago, wooden slats or beams were the most popular choice for the exterior siding of a home. With the advent of aluminium siding, this form of exterior became more popular as they resisted rot and only needed very infrequent painting. 

Today, one of the smartest choices for exterior siding is known as engineered wood siding, sometimes called TruWood or Smartside. Instead of slats of planed wood, engineered wood siding is made from real wood strands that are set in place with an extremely durable resin binder. From the outside, engineered wood siding looks exactly like traditional wood siding, but its compressed construction and water-resistant coating are far better at resisting weather damage. 


In Alberta, there are few trim options more popular than Hardie board siding. Often made from aluminium or vinyl but with a wood texture on the outside, Hardie board siding is an excellent choice for areas around windows, the downspout, and the eaves of the house. 

As a proprietary technology, Hardie board siding usually comes with a 50-year warranty and is almost impervious to insect damage, mildewing, and rot. It also comes in a staggering array of different textures, colours, and styles, making it very easy to pair with the rest of your home’s exterior. 

The Benefits of Maintenance-Free Home Exteriors Brick ImageClassic Exteriors 

Two natural, organic choices for the home’s exterior that are increasingly becoming popular in Calgary are stone and brick. Although stone can be more expensive, its natural appeal and longevity make it very low maintenance and highly durable. 

Brick is a classic choice, adding elegance and style to any home. Brick exteriors do need some occasional maintenance, but they never need to be painted, and upkeep is very minimal. 


They say a home is only as good as its roof, so choosing the right materials is essential. Many beautiful and elegant homes rely on shakes, small sections of wood or other materials installed in an overlapping pattern. 

Top options for roof shakes are vinyl, cedar, or Hardie board. Vinyl is a less expensive option and provides years of maintenance-free protection but can require replacing after a few decades. Cedar shakes are popular because they use natural wood planks, but just like with all wood products, cedar shakes must be replaced every few years. 

Hardie board roof shakes are entirely synthetic but come pre-painted or with a variety of styles to match any home’s exterior decor. Although Hardie board shakes are often the most expensive option, they can save homeowners a significant amount of money in the long term as they are very durable and highly resistant to sun, snow, rain, and wind damage. 

Lasting Benefits

As with all things, if you invest in quality, you’ll save a lot of time, money, and worry over the long run. Advanced home exterior materials such as fibreglass, vinyl, Hardie board, engineered wood siding, stone, and brick offer homeowners peace of mind as well as many years of reliable service. This only gives you more reasons to make a new home build your first home

Best of all, these advanced materials require almost no maintenance, allowing homeowners to enjoy the beauty of their home without having to perform exhausting upkeep tasks every single year. Plus, as engineered products are generally more environmentally-friendly, Sterling is committed to building green homes.

When you work with Sterling Homes, you can take advantage of the excellent selection of exterior materials we use. Ask us about how you can achieve both style and durability in your home’s exterior.