Building Green Homes A Sterling Advantage Blueprints Featured ImageAlthough green homes might just sound like a trendy buzz term, there are advantages to deciding to use these building practices for your home. The materials not only meet high standards for environmental friendliness but are also very efficient in resource use.

When you build or buy a Sterling home, you benefit from our “Green Comforts of Home.” We are certified by Built Green Canada™, meaning our homes meet their standards for enegy effectiveness.

But what does this mean for you as the homeowner?

Advantages of Green Homes 

  • Some of the major advantages that come with Sterling homes built to BuiltGreen standards include:
  • Decreased environmental impact
  • Greater market and resale value
  • Less maintenance
  • Better comfort inside your home
  • Increased air quality
  • Better water and energy savings

Building Green Homes A Sterling Advantage Engineer ImageHow Do the Foundations Make a Difference? 

Reinforcing steel in the foundations helps reduce the chance of wall cracks that could otherwise lead to energy loss. The addition of weeping tile in your basement area also helps keep everything dry. The sturdier your foundation, the fewer structural problems are likely to affect your home. 

The Impact of the Framing and Insulation

One of the most attractive things about the beams and joist is that they feature smaller pieces crafted without the use of mature hardwoods. The insulation used helps reduce energy loss so you don’t have to constantly spend a fortune on heating bills. Even the basement walls have enough insulation to make a difference.

Eco-Friendly Exterior Options 

There are several exterior features on green homes that are worthy of mentioning. These include:

  • All Weather wood material, plus aluminium rails, are used on all decks to help reduce wear and the need for painting.
  • Attached garages are standard, allowing you to eliminate the need for an extra heater.
  • The garages also have insulated overhead doors, keeping those troublesome drafts out.
  • The siding and trim use durable vinyl that wears out far less easily than wood and features attractive decorative accents.
  • Fiberglass shingles with a 30-year lifespan equal loss landfill waste and retrofitting.

When you have options like this for your home, you’ll be assured that everything looks great but is still helpful in protecting the environment.

Efficient Heating & Hot Water

A direct vent natural gas furnace, with electric ignition, is 95% energy efficient so your heating bills will stay reasonable all winter. Another nice feature is a passive heat recovery ventilator, which preheats or cools incoming air to help conserve some of the energy used. Another nice touch is a direct vent gas water heater that both reduces the carbon monoxide risk and uses energy very efficiently.

Building Green Homes A Sterling Advantage Vector ImageWater-Saving Features 

Low-flow toilets will help you save water since flushes use up a lot more water than you probably realize. The showerheads, vanities and kitchen taps are also low-flow. Separate shut-off valves on tap and toilet lines help to keep from losing a lot of water in the event of a leak.

Additional Features

Some additional features that help protect the environment include:

Energy Star fixture packages designed to use CFL bulbs that last 10 times longer and use 2/3 less energy.

Free Slide wire closet shelving with an environmentally-friendly finish.

All interior doors and trim made from recovered or sustainable wood.

Carpet underpads use recycled foam.

All linoleum glues and paints are low-VOC.

Windows come with standard blinds that help cool the house without relying on too much air conditioning.

All of these provide an easy way to make sure your energy use is as efficient as possible.

Great Benefits

Reduced bills are one advantage of a green home, but another one that many might not think of is insurance savings. There are also rebates available that help encourage you to make the most of your green home. You can also be sure that investing in a green home will be one of the best choices you’ve made.

Having a new home built is always a great way to have a home that meets your needs. Whether you’re upgrading, downsizing, or making a move that’s somewhere in between, a green home will help you save money and provide you with a better overall quality of life. Once you’ve moved into your new home and experienced the convenience of these features, you’ll enjoy the decision that you need.

To learn more, visit our show homes to chat, or contact us anytime – we’re happy to help you realize your new home’s potential! 


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