built-in-storage-ideas-for-your-new-home-beaumont-show-home-bonus-room-nolan-hill-featured-image.pngBuilding a new home is an adventure. It’s an opportunity to create a new living space that’s functional as well as beautiful. When you’re working with a good builder, there are no limits to the creative, clever ways you can make your home your own. Integrating some built-in storage into your new design is an excellent idea; here are some thoughts to get you started.

1. Stair Space

When building a new home, you have the creative freedom to make use of space that’s often overlooked and wasted. For instance, you can use the area under your stairs for more than hiding your wizard relatives. Leave the under-stair space open, allowing for shelving or cabinets to be tucked away, or enclose it to have an entire storage room complete with a door.

2. Thicken Up A Wall Or Two

A wall inset is one of the best built-in solutions to provide you with extra storage space. When you’re renovating an existing home, you may be limited in depth needed to build alcoves. Anything goes when you’re building fresh, though! Talk to your builder about constructing a thicker wall that gives you space for deep built-in alcoves.

To get the most out of this idea, think about thickening walls where you can create alcoves in two rooms. A wall between two bedrooms, for instance, can house great storage alcoves for both.

built-in-storage-ideas-for-your-new-home-berkshire-show-home-mudroom-nolan-hill-image-.png3. Combine Seating With Storage

If your dream home includes fixed seating, you’ve already got a great potential storage resource. Wherever you build permanent seats, make them serve two purposes: add some storage underneath. This works for window seats, alcove seating, and kitchen banquettes – you can do it practically anywhere. Use lift-top seats, ordinary cabinet doors, or hidden panels to access this storage space.

4. Keep Your Bathrooms Neat

A well-designed bathroom can be both beautiful and comfortable to live with. Keep your day-to-day needs in mind when designing bathrooms; you don’t want to stray from practicality. Look for spaces where you can create flush cabinets to store necessities like cleaning supplies.

You’ll find plenty of useful bathroom spaces that could become storage areas with a bit of work. The surround supporting your tub, the wall you built out to fit your shower; there are opportunities everywhere!

5. Turn High Ceilings Into A Savvy Storage Space

When you’re building a new family home you don’t have to settle for low ceilings. If you’re opting to build upwards, make the most out of the extra overhead space you’re capturing! Install high shelves to tuck away seldom-used belongings.

You can build extra-high storage space into studies, dens, and kitchens. While this can add practicality to a room, you may even find the results to be quite stylish. Consider adding a library ladder! It serves as easier access to those shelves and cabinets, and as an interesting piece of décor.

6. Keep Your Options Open

Some of the most inspiring storage solutions you’ll see online solve just one storage challenge. They do it well, but they’re not flexible. Feel free to create built-ins with a single purpose, but make general ones, too. Create a few flexible spaces without specific plans so that your family has extra storage in the future.

Consider a few wall treatments that can be used for future storage projects. Install cork on one wall of your kitchen for pinning up lightweight items. Finish your garage in slatted boards that will make it easy to hang tools and storage bins.

7. Make The Most Of Your Hallways

Many families turn to the humble hallway to boost their storage resources. When you’re building from scratch, you can plan ahead for this sort of setup! Add a little extra space to your halls or thicken the walls for alcove storage as described above.

This is a perfect place to include some unassigned storage space. Don’t worry; chances are, you’ll fill up any hallway space within your first year or two in your new home!

Make the most of your opportunities when you’re building a brand-new home. The home design process gives you ample opportunities to plan ahead for storage. Create some built-in storage during construction, and you’ll thank yourself in a few years!