Your Future Community: Top Amenities to Look For Family imageWhen you’re thinking about your future community it’s important to know what amenities are important to you. These vary for every household, as you want to live in a community that suits your lifestyle. As you may have heard someone say before, it’s all about location, which refers heavily to the amenities around your home. Let’s take a look at some of the top amenities you can look for. 

1. Family Friendly

This is a huge factor in the neighbourhood you choose to live in. A family-friendly neighbourhood is a way to get your kids feeling comfortable playing outside. There’s an opportunity for your family to connect with other families and your kids get to grow up in a close-knit neighbourhood. Some of the things you’ll want to consider are whether there are kids playing outside, traffic and speed limits, and the ages of people you see in that neighbourhood. 

Your Future Community: Top Amenities to Look For Kids image2. Schools

Having schools in the area is often a sign of a safe family-friendly neighbourhood. If you have kids, it saves you time and money driving to and from school. An added perk is the ease of having your kid close enough to drop off an item if needed. With schools often comes parks, which are favourable for anyone looking to spend time outdoors. 

3. Green Spaces


Having a place to go for some outdoor activities with neighbours or friends is always an added bonus; particularly if you want to enjoy playing a few rounds of frisbee, or have a family soccer session. Plus, they give homes an outdoor recreational area much larger than just your backyard. 

Dog Parks

We all love our furry friends, so when it comes to living in a community, often times our pets are a big factor in where we choose to buy. You want Fido to be able to get some exercise without having to drive miles to a dog park. While nearby parks, in general, are a bonus, it’s even better if you can bring your pet too. 

Paved Trails

There’s nothing quite like a nice afternoon walk through your neighbourhood. Paved trails are a valuable feature because they give you the option to explore some green space. Having a walkable neighbourhood also means you can ditch the car keys and opt for a calming walk instead. 

Your Future Community: Top Amenities to Look For Commute4. Public Transportation

Living near public transit lines is proven to improve your quality of life. It makes it easier to travel around the city while saving you money on gas and can save you the cost of parking downtown. Not to mention, it’s a more environmentally-friendly option; we can’t guarantee they’ll agree, but it can be a valid reason to tell your teenagers to catch a bus instead of chauffeuring them around all the time.  

5. Shopping Destinations and Restaurants 

Putting emphasis on what type of shopping and restaurants are nearby helps you choose your desired neighbourhood. If you spend your weekends exploring malls, you’ll most likely want to be near one that has a few of your favourite shops. Similarly, if you have a favourite place for date night, you may want to be in a neighbourhood close by. 

6. Grocery Stores

Every great neighbourhood should have one or more easily accessible grocery store. Examine your future neighbourhood and evaluate if the local grocery store is close enough to your chosen home. This way, there won’t be any extended drives for a last-minute dinner. 

7. Police and Medical Services

This is always smart to consider within any community, particularly if you’re someone with health concerns. Being within close proximity to police and medical services can give you peace of mind. You’ll know that if anything were to happen, you’re in a safe environment. 

These cover the most popular amenities to look for within your potential future community. Consider what interests you, and create your own community wish list. You can use this list to get to know the community you’re interested in, before the big move. You’ll then find it’s much easier to settle in and simply start enjoying your new home, inside and out, right away.


Photo credits: familykidscommute