Community Spotlight: Kinniburgh in Chestermere Family Featured ImageThe lakeside town of Chestermere is located just 25 minutes east of Calgary proper, giving families the escape they need from the hustle and bustle of the city while keeping commutes short and jobs readily accessible. Found along the shores of Chestermere Lake, Kinniburgh brings the feel of nature to the doorstep of the big city.

Beautiful gardens, an onsite cafe, and outdoor soccer fields are just a few of the ways residents of Kinniburgh in Chestermere pass the time.

A Bonus Benefit

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Now, if you need some material to share with friends and family about how awesome Kinniburgh really is, read on!

Community Spotlight: Kinniburgh in Chestermere Moms imageLakeside Living

No one can deny the appeal of living near the water, and the Chestermere Yacht Club is just a five-minute walk from the centre of the community. The shores themselves make for easy swimming and fishing. No need to pack up a boat and take a weekend trip — just walk a few steps out your front door and cast a line. Even when the weather is too cold to warrant a swim, the lake is still beautiful and provides picturesque views at any time of year.

During the winter, the lake will sometimes freeze enough that residents can skate on its surface. You’ll have a veritable winter wonderland just steps from your front door. 

Easy Recreation

Kinniburgh in Chestermere provides easy access to local soccer fields. Children can join the local team or play pickup games on the weekend when the field isn’t in use. If soccer isn’t on the menu for the day, the nearby playgrounds will provide no end to the entertainment. The playgrounds themselves are rarely quiet; you can almost always find kids playing on the swings or rocketing down the slides, which makes it easy for your little one to make new friends. 

Medical Access

There is an AHS Medical local pharmacy within the borders of Kinniburgh in Chestermere. If you have the sniffles or simply need to pick up some band-aids, help is just a short walk away.

For less traditional needs, you can also find a chiropractor close at hand. Any tight joints or back and neck pain can be easily taken care of without the need for pain medication. 

Nature All Around

Despite its proximity to downtown Calgary, Kinniburgh in Chestermere has multiple nature paths you can walk that give the feel of being far from the city. The crisp air and relative solitude of the walking paths can be just what you need to unwind from a long day at work, or they can be the perfect way to start your day. Just set off down the paths with a thermos of coffee and start your day with a bit of exercise. 

Community Spotlight: Kinniburgh in Chestermere Friends ImageNew Friends

Almost everyone that moves to Kinniburgh in Chestermere is looking for the same thing: their forever home, and a place to raise their families. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded individuals with whom you can easily make friends. The community offers a safe, quiet place for your children to grow up, and the closeness of others with the same goal makes it easy to get acquainted and enjoy some adult social life.

Local Schools

The East Lake School is a K-9 campus located within the boundaries of the community. It’s easy to get your children to and from school on time, and being close to home makes it easier for your kids to adjust to a new environment. They’ll feel safe, and you’ll have the peace of mind that all parents crave. 

There is also a local Montessori Chestermere preschool for children of ages 5 to 12. This school provides focused, high-quality education that will give your children the knowledge base they need to succeed from a young age.

Home Styles for All Lifestyles

Kinniburgh in Chestermere has spacious lots with large homes that give you and your family all the space you need. Many homes come with garages that protect your vehicles and possessions during harsh winters. Large kitchen and dining rooms make it easy to entertain visitors, and the multiple beds and baths of each home give you all the space you need to have extended guests. 

Kinniburgh in Chestermere has a lot to offer families besides a new home. Take the chance to become part of a close-knit community with all the amenities and conveniences you need to start a new life and make a forever home for your children.

There are multiple showhomes you can visit to get a true feel for what life in Kinniburgh is like. If you see a model you love, talk to the Area Manager about your option to build, or to buy one of the quick possession homes available