Room Design 101 Bonus Rooms Featured ImageDoes your new home come with a bonus room? This room is often seen as a must-have feature in functional floor plans for families

As the name implies, this room is designed to be anything you like, whether it’s a more private place to relax or space for that hobby you’ve always wanted to take up – bonus! 

Here are some fun ways to give your space purpose and a functional design. 

Play Room

If you have kids, you might like to keep the clutter out of your living room while giving them a place to get creative and have fun. This is what makes a playroom the kind of home feature you need if you have kids!

Room Design 101 Bonus Rooms Playing ImageBecause playrooms can quickly become cluttered, be sure you add plenty of storage solutions. Built-ins can work well or you can consider wall-to-wall shelving and multi-use furniture. Try to create dedicated play stations in the room like an arts and crafts station, an area for floor play, and even a reading corner with a small bookshelf and comfy chair. 

Home Gym

A home gym doesn’t need to be drab; you can design a functional yet energizing fitness centre with little effort. Bright paint, durable flooring, and a mirrored wall will likely form the base for your design. Track lighting is a good choice because it can be repositioned if you change your layout. Depending on the size of your bonus room, you may want to choose multi-use workout equipment with portable mats that won’t damage your floor. 

If fitness equipment isn’t your thing, that bonus room can become a home yoga studio. Add a large mirror to one wall to watch your form, install shelving on one wall for your equipment, and finish it off with a large mat. 

Media Room

What’s better than a media room that the whole family can enjoy? From date nights at home to family movie nights and teenage sleepovers, a media room will likely get a lot of use so it should have durable, comfy furniture with plenty of storage. 

For an over-the-top media room, start with the media. Plan the room around a media centre with a large television and recessed speakers in the ceiling or wall. The best types of lighting for your room include dimmers and LEDs. A sectional sofa is a good choice if you will have plenty of guests or get-togethers, or you can add home theatre seating that reclines. 

Homework Station

You may have your bonus room doing double duty. An extra function you easily can add to an office, library, or even playroom, is a homework station for older kids. This may be nothing more than a desk with space to work or you can get more creative and add a monthly planner with due dates and assignments on the wall. 

Don’t overlook storage for books, papers, and other supplies, which may involve a shelf or even a wall unit over the desk. If you have more than one child, an easy solution is a raised tabletop with overhead storage and bar seating. As a general rule, choose a desk height of 28″ which is almost adult height. This way, the kids won’t outgrow it too soon and you can use adjustable chairs. 

 Room Design 101 Bonus Rooms Boys ImageLibrary

A home library can be a comfortable retreat to enjoy your rare moments of peace. Creating a library feel at home requires more than rows of books, however. When designing your space, start with bookshelves that add personality, whether it’s a large floor-to-ceiling unit, built-ins, or a smaller horizontal system. 

The next step is adding artwork that helps set the scene and bring tranquillity to the space. Add comfortable seating, which may be nothing more than a few oversized chairs with side tables. Here are some more tips for designing a home library.

Hobby or Craft Room

Do you dream of having a dedicated space for your hobbies? Whether you scrapbook, quilt, or play an instrument, a hobby room can be the perfect solution for your bonus room. For a craft room, a large, sturdy table is a must-have. If you have the space, countertops are a good choice for multiple crafters. Countertops should be installed at standing height to avoid back strain, though. Storage solutions should be customized to your needs. Some crafters do best with open wall shelving while others may need a pegboard to quickly access supplies. 

If you’re creating a music room, sound absorption will be a big factor in your design. Area rugs and thick carpet work well and insulated curtains and even honeycomb shades can reduce the amount of noise that bounces off the windows. You can even install acoustic panels to further absorb sound in the room. 

Guest Room

Depending on the location and size of your bonus room, you may even want to transform it into a guest room. This can give you a place for overnight guests and family members to crash, especially around the holidays. 

If you choose to design a guest room, you may want the space to be multi-purpose. Choose a smaller bed and minimal bedroom furniture, or opt for furniture that can do double-duty like built-ins and wall units that can store clothing, out-of-season décor, or craft supplies to keep up with changing needs for the space. 

Keep It Flexible!

When it comes to designing your bonus room, it’s best to start with a plan in mind. If you have a large bonus room, you can even divide it into several areas to accommodate the whole family. A library can also make a good space for kids to do homework while a guest room can double as a hobby room or even a home gym. 

There’s no shortage of possibilities for this kind of space, but it’s most valuable when you design it according to your unique lifestyle needs.

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