Room Design 101 Foyer Featured ImageYour foyer is an important part of your home that’s easy to overlook. After all, people don’t spend as much time in the foyer as they do in other parts of your home. 

However, the foyer is very important, because it’s likely the first part of your home guests will encounter. Making the foyer as inviting as possible is a great way to make a positive impression on your guests. 

Use Non-Traditional Seating

Although entryway benches are a staple in many foyers, alternative seating options also do the job just as well. Former auditorium or theatre seats can make a really good choice for front entry areas. Using some wall decor that matches the seats you’ve selected pulls everything together very nicely. 

Room Design 101 The Foyer Staircase ImageGo for a Mix and Match Look

One of the fun things about decorating your foyer is you don’t have to make everything uniform. Using decorative vases and picture frames in different styles will make your entry area more colourful. Consider displaying your artwork in a multi-layered way with the placement of a table or sideboard will help give everyone the full effects of your art choices. 

Make Full Use of Hooks

Hooks above a bench help make things more orderly during the winter months when guests are likely to have heavy jackets or boots. Lining the boots up under the bench will keep your floors clean, and hooks to hang up coats will minimize clutter.

Vintage Bird Prints 

Vintage bird and other wildlife prints help add a classic, welcoming look to your home. Rustic-style shelving provides a nice surface for print display, as well as displaying figurines or plants. Consider adding a little more unique character with a vintage birdcage.

Room Design 101 The Foyer ImageRustic Racks 

Bird hooks made from cast-iron are a great choice for hanging hats, coats, or bags. If you’re really going for that extra rustic look, consider hanging some antlers as well. Your guests will have an easy way to hang their outerwear, and you’ll also enjoy a rustic look perfect for a Calgary home.

Floral Wall

Floral prints, or even better, pressed flowers in frames are great accessories to fill a whole wall within your foyer. An antique bench topped with colourful pillows made from natural materials that match the prints will maximize the effect. 

Extra Dining or Nook Area

Even though a foyer is used mostly as an entry, there isn’t any reason it can’t also serve as an extra dining area. Choose a smaller dining set or a single long, narrow table with a bench against the wall. An area like this is handy if you have guests with kids over for a holiday meal or if your kids frequently have friends over for homework sessions. 

Include Some Wall Sconces

One of the best things about wall sconces is their ability to fit into both traditional and contemporary décor settings. If you have them on either side of a family photo or framed art, you’ll be able to highlight the artwork very nicely. Guests will be impressed when greeted by candlelight. 

Use a Chandelier or Light Fixture

Either chandeliers or pending fixtures make good choices for entry areas. A bonus associated with light fixtures today is that you can find them in styles that suit the rest of the decor in your home. One thing you should be cautious about, however, is making sure the fixture doesn’t hang too low for taller people to walk into it. 

Use an Antique Trunk for Storage

An antique-style trunk creates useful storage with its combination of extra space and a unique rustic appearance. With this extra space, you won’t need to worry about a lot of shelving. The trunk’s surface is also a good place to display decor, especially if it has a rustic appearance. 

Display Table and Bookshelves

There’s nothing wrong with drawing a bit of attention, and a display table in your foyer is one of the best ways to do that. Place some of your favourite decorative items on the table, and consider adding a vase of flowers for extra colour. If you have room for bookshelves, the shelves make a nice backdrop.

Adding a little bit of spice to your foyer is always a good idea and can be a lot of fun. You’ll be pleased with all the creative ideas out there for your picking – what first impression will your home make?