Room Design 101: The Master Bedroom Kingston Master imageOf all the living spaces in your new home, the master bedroom should be the one where you should focus most of your creative energy. After all, this is the room where you are supposed to wake up happy, rested, and filled with energy to face the day ahead.

A trend amongst Canadian home builders these days is to design floor plans that give master bedrooms at least as much space as the great room or even more when counting the ensuite bathroom and walk-in closets that are privately enjoyed by the homeowners. 

Consider the style of the Auburn 3: the master bedroom is on the second floor and above the great room. Depending on the lot, the panoramic window of the Auburn 3’s master bedroom may provide a view of a nice greenbelt or of the optional wooden deck below. 

This is a living space that is ripe with opportunities for design, and here are six ways for you to approach this project:

Getting Inspiration and Establishing a Purpose

Your idea of a master bedroom and how it should be designed in terms of furniture and decoration should be extremely personal. As the most intimate living space in your house, the way you design, arrange, and decorate your bedroom should serve a revitalising function to help you carry out a certain lifestyle. You don’t have to show off your master bedroom if you don’t want to, and thus you have complete freedom in terms of design. 

Needless to say, the inspiration you seek should match the expectations and lifestyles of you and your partner. You should also think about the future; if a baby is destined to brighten your lives, consider where the crib should be placed for those first crucial weeks of life.

If you believe that the bedroom should be solely for sleeping, waking, and getting ready for work, you may want to opt for a minimalist design. Although a minimalist bedroom favours function over looks, this style is actually very elegant.

The Edwardian and American country styles tend to be comfortable, ornate, and the opposite of minimalism. If you plan on spending quality time in the master bedroom with your partner, these are the styles you want. 

Room Design 101: The Master Bedroom Aurora Master imageFlooring and Ceiling

These two elements do not have to match unless you’re going for a country or rustic look; in this case, you may want to think about wood for the floor and ceiling. Natural wood flooring is not a requirement; engineered planks and laminate can be smarter solutions for the sleeping area, bathroom, and walk-in closets. If you and your partner enjoy barefoot walking, carpeting is what you want. Should you choose to paint the ceiling in a captivating colour, the walls should be painted in neutral colours.

Wall Painting and Covering

Many homeowners choose to apply a softer touch to the master bedroom, and this is generally a good idea that starts with the walls. Lighter pink and purple colours are very conducive to relaxation unless you’re going the minimalist route, in which case you should stick to white paint. Don’t be afraid to try out textured painting. Accent walls tend to work better for bedrooms, and this is also an ideal living space for you to experiment with wallpaper.

Choosing Furniture

As previously explained, the source of your inspiration will dictate the furniture you will choose. Minimalists should stick with beds that are low to the floor while fans of Victorian and Edwardian designs should think about a nice four-poster with some elevation. You generally want to place the headboard opposite to the entrance. 

When choosing the nightstands, check that their height is at the level of the mattress and that their design provides a nice contrast with the general colour scheme of the room. Of all living spaces, this is the one where you don’t want to grossly mismatch furniture, as you want your bedroom to feel calming, not loud. 

Room Design 101: The Master Bedroom Columbia Master imageSetting the Mood With Bedding, Rugs and Curtains

A panoramic window on a second floor can be a great ally when it comes to setting the mood of your bedroom. If you want to lounge in the daytime, you may want to choose a bright nautical look, which can be achieved with comforters, rugs, and pillow cases that feature broad and colourful stripes in white, blue, and red. To this effect, take a look at some of the designs used by American labels such as Nautica, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger. You can apply the same styles to your curtains and choose bright lighting.

Keep Electronic Devices to a Minimum

You don’t want to go overboard with electronics in the bedroom; a modern flat screen mounted to the wall should be sufficient. If you have a smart home automation system, you want to connect it to your master bedroom television so that you can check the baby monitor or security cameras. Other electronics suitable for the master bedroom include lamps with smart, colour changing light bulbs, and decorative alarm clocks.

In the end, the ideas listed herein should be enough to get you started. If you’re purchasing a new home, you want to take your time with the master bedroom; begin with just the bed and nightstands and continue your project as the ideas inspire you.