10 Easy Ways to Keep Clutter at Bay Featured ImageAre most of the countertops in your home occupied with miscellaneous clusters of items? Maybe you have a pile of books, TV remotes, magazines and other items stacked on the coffee table in your great room. If you look around and see clutter all throughout your home, we’re here to help!

Here are ten simple things you can do to get more organized. 

1. A Multi-Purpose Ottoman 

An ottoman in the bedroom or great room is wonderful if you want to put up your feet after a long day. Plus, this piece of furniture adds style to the décor of any room. An ottoman can also be a storage space disguised as furniture. You can put items such as TV remotes, books, magazines, knitting needles and other little extras inside your ottoman until they’re needed. 

2. A Pegboard in the Garage 

Do you have hammers, wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, and other tools stacked up on the countertops in your garage? A pegboard is a great solution to organizing your pile of tools. Hanging each tool on the pegboard means you know exactly where your tools will be when you need them. As a bonus, you’ve just given yourself more counter space to work on those DIY and repair projects! 

Look for a supply of small plastic containers or bins designed to hang on your pegboard. These are great for storing screws, nails, nuts, and washers so they don’t get lost or take up valuable space on the counters in your garage. 

3. Vertical Storage in the Bathroom 

Vertical storage shelves are a practical and attractive option for many items you use every day. You can use one shelf for shampoo bottles and soaps, another shelf for hand towels and yet another for shaving razors. A small, attractive houseplant that needs very little sunlight can occupy one shelf to add some more colour to your powder room. 

10 Easy Ways to Keep Clutter at Bay Bags on a Roll Image4. A Paper Towel Dispenser for Garbage Bags 

A ripped box full of garbage bags sitting on the floor or countertop in your kitchen can make your space look cluttered. One idea for this is to attach a basic paper towel dispenser to the wall. But instead of attaching a roll of paper towels, put a roll of plastic garbage bags on it. This keeps the bags together, makes it easy to rip one off the roll and looks a lot cleaner.

5. A Pillow Case to Store Sheets 

Do you have a linen closet that’s bursting with sheets and pillowcases? When these items pile up, your closet can take on a cluttered look. As an alternative, fold the top sheet and fitted sheet and slide them into the matching pillowcase. Neatly stack the loaded pillowcases onto the shelves in your linen closet and enjoy the fact your closet looks great and you always know where your full sets are!

6. Get Stackable Pots and Pans for the Kitchen 

If you have a cabinet full of miscellaneous pots and pans, then this declutter tip is for you. Get some stackable pots and pans to use in your kitchen. Take out the item you need and leave the rest stacked in a lower cabinet or in your pantry. 

7. A Shoe Organizer for Cleaning Products 

A shoe organizer has rows of large pockets and hangs on a door. And while the designed purpose is for shoes, it’s also great for organizing bottles of cleaning supplies used in the kitchen or bathroom. This system allows you to store your cleaning solutions upright and all in one place. 

8. Drawers for Under the Bed 

If you have clothing, books, extra shoes, and magazines sitting on chairs and tables in your bedroom, consider getting drawers designed to fit beneath your bed. These portable drawers have lots of space and easily slide out from under the bed when you need them. So, your clutter disappears, but you still have quick access to these items. 

9. A Boot Organizer for the Mudroom 10 Easy Ways to Keep Clutter at Bay Boot Rack Image

A mudroom is an ideal space for kids and adults to take off their wet rainboots and hang up their coats. But a collection of wet boots can quickly clutter up a mudroom. The solution to this is a boot organizer. It has spaces for several pairs of boots where they are able to dry out while staying off the floor. 

10. Three Baskets in the Laundry Room 

Is there a big pile of dirty clothing on your laundry room floor? If so, think about getting three medium sized laundry baskets. These can be individual or as a set. One basket can be for dark clothing, another can be for white clothing and the third can be for items needing special care. Using the three-basket system means you’ve organized your laundry room and can spend less time sorting the clothing that needs to be washed each week. 

Finally, giving away clothing and other items you haven’t used for six months (or more!) is another good way to rid your home of clutter. You can donate the items to a local charity so they can resell them. In fact. there are charities that travel to people’s homes to pick up bags of unneeded items. Giving away items means you don’t have to organize or find space for something you really don’t need to keep.

Utilizing even one of the ideas we’ve given you here will help put you on the right track to keep the clutter at bay in your home!


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