Family Activities to Cure Winter Boredom Kids Featured ImageIt may be winter, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit around the house being bored all the time. There are plenty of remedies to cabin fever that will keep everyone in your family happy and help cure boredom. The best thing about these solutions is that they include indoor and outdoor fun.

1. Go to an Indoor Jump Park 

An indoor jump park like Extreme Airpark is a great place for kids to work off pent-up energy. Besides the main jump courts, many parks have courts where you can play basketball or dodgeball. The atmosphere is so much fun you’ll forget how cold it is outside.

Family Activities to Cure Winter Boredom Cooking Image2. Try Some Family Cooking

Getting your kids accustomed to cooking from an early age is always helpful and fun. Children of both genders are likely to love cooking if they get used to it early on and have their own sets of utensils and dishes to use. Some of the cooking ideas that are best for younger kids include panini sandwiches, tacos, and pizza.

3. Start a Journal About the Snow

When you keep a snow journal, you’ll both spark your child’s creativity and help them learn something from it as well. Looking at snowflakes under a magnifying glass is a fun way to examine the idea of uniqueness. Using the journal to record how much snow fell and what was going on while the snow was coming down is an interesting learning experience for all ages.

4. Head to an Indoor Playground 

Calgary is rich in indoor playgrounds, with options including Treehouse Indoor Playground and Hide N Seek Indoor Playground Calgary. These indoor playgrounds have exciting features that include separate toddler play areas and sometimes even arcades. Everyone will stay warm, dry, and comfortable while enjoying their favourite playground fun.

5. Play Some Powder Puff Flag Football

As long as you have two teams with at least three players and a spray bottle where you can mark off a field with coloured water, you’re good to go. The objective is the same as “real” football, for the receiving player to reach the other team’s goal line or pass the ball. Sliding outside of bounds or being tagged by an opposite team member can serve as a tackle. 

6. Play Dodgeball Using Snowballs

You play this version the same way you would with regular two-team dodgeball, but using snowballs. The players are eliminated as the snowballs hit them. Another way players end up eliminated is if they catch one of the snowballs. 

7. Search for Natural Items for Crafts

Many items in abundance during the winter like pinecones and sticks are perfect for many types of craft activities. You can decorate them into ornaments or put into a nature-themed diorama, just for a couple of ideas. For many kids, exploring outdoors and collecting these items is fun enough by itself.

Family Activities to Cure Winter Boredom Art Image8. Snow Pictures featuring Torn Paper

If you’re looking for a picture-related activity for your kids that doesn’t involve messy markers or crayons, why not try a snow globe paper craft that features torn paper? Torn paper pieces make great snowflakes to attach to these pictures for a perfect wintery look. 

9. Make Snow-Cream

Making snow ice cream is often seen as a bygone art, but it’s very much a favourite activity in many cold weather areas. Fresh snow is needed for the best results, so you’ll want to get right outside as it’s falling. This might just become one of your new favourite activities.

10. Play Snow Tug-of-War

Many fun games played during the summer are adaptable for winter entertainment, often with hilarious results. A thick rope and two teams are all you need to get the fun started. See which team pulls everyone over the mid-line set in the snow in this activity perfect for either large families and for a group in your neighbourhood.

Calgary is a great place for winter fun, but it always helps to have plenty of fun activities to do around your house and yard, too. The days are shorter, so you’ll be spending a lot of time making the most of your kitchen and living areas anyway. If you have a wealth of great activities to do both inside and outside, your family will enjoy everything that the winter months have to offer without cabin fever making it onto the list.


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