how-to-choose-optimal-lot-familys-needs-luxury-backyard.pngThe location and lot size for your new home in Calgary is one of the most important decisions in the home purchasing process. Not only do you desire a family-friendly neighbourhood that’s close to work and schools, but outdoor space and amenities contribute to your ideal lifestyle and define your sense of community. Your home’s exposure to the sun, topographical features, and view also play a crucial role in your comfort.

Walk-out Lots

Taking advantage of a sloped lot means you can enjoy either walk-out access to your backyard or a sunshine basement. For families, a walk-out lower level to the backyard provides easy access to the outdoors and helps make the backyard an integral part of your living space. A sunshine basement creates the opportunity for full-sized windows and the addition of natural light to the lower level of your home. The basement becomes a valued and appealing part of your home when natural light floods the space, and it’s an excellent location for a family room, game room, media room or extra bedrooms.

Level Lots

Level lots are common and adapt to many different styles of custom homes. Fewer stairs and easy access to front, rear or side entrances along with level spaces for entertaining and family activities make this a popular choice for young families. The simplicity of landscaping and maintaining a level lot makes it a great choice for homeowners who enjoy sports and recreational activities on a lush, level lawn.

Back-to-Front or Front-to-Back Lots

Drainage is an important consideration when choosing a lot. Whether your property is level or sloped, landscaping and the ideal location for your home is determined by the flow of rainwater throughout the space. A back-to-front lot has a taller rear elevation, and water will naturally flow towards the street and available storm drains. With a front-to-back lot, the elevation is higher in the front of your home, so drainage in or near the backyard must be addressed with drainage systems on or behind your property.

Your landscaping will benefit by paying close attention to the flow of water throughout the property, as some plants prefer constant moisture while others like soil that’s dry and well drained. Plants can also help to absorb water, and a landscape design to make optimal use of rainwater is an efficient and environmentally conscious way to plan your home’s development and landscape design.

how-to-choose-optimal-lot-back-to-front-showhome.pngTransitional Lots

Variations in elevation can create many opportunities for the style of home, the drainage needs, and opportunities for a sunshine basement. A property with a variety of elevations also offers the option of side entrances, level or sloped landscaping or multi-level decks. With a transitional lot, your custom home can make the most of the natural features to create the layout and landscaping of your dreams. A partial walkout basement can offer a unique use of space leading to backyard gardens and reduce the need for exterior stairs that can become slippery or difficult to navigate in the winter.

Green Space

Whether your lot is large or small, you’ll enjoy expansive views when you choose a lot near a dedicated green space. Positioning your new home to take advantage of the views can give your home a high-end rural look, even if your home’s lot is small and located in the city. The beauty of a natural area can offer forested views, cool shade, fall colours and peaceful snow scenes to provide beauty from the window of your home during every season of the year.

Proximity to Parks

For exercise and recreational opportunities, you’ll want access to parks and trails to provide safe space for walking, running and biking. Choosing a home in a community with well-planned parks means you can find the recreational opportunities you need right outside your front door. Quiet streets and a complete network of sidewalks allow you to relax when your children are outdoors or walking to the neighbourhood parks and schools.

Choosing the Ideal Lot

The type of lot you prefer depends on your lifestyle, interests, and outdoor activities. You may recognize that your priority is a large lot with a view, and selecting your lot before choosing your home’s floor plan may be the best way to achieve your dream custom home. You may place more emphasis on the size of your home, easy access or a specific floor plan to meet your unique needs; you can select your floor plan before choosing a lot that’s perfectly designed to play up your home’s best features.

Calgary’s Communities

When you decide to build a home in Calgary, you’ll find friendly communities with the essential features your family needs as well as beautiful lots to meet your desired lifestyle. With a broad selection of beautiful home designs in unique, high-end neighbourhoods, Sterling Homes offers a wide variety of lots that allow you to select an ideal location for your new dream home.


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