It’s important to find a home builder that matches your personal style. Since there’s no shortage of builders in the Calgary area, you’ll have to spend some time wading through your options before you find the right one. This might be time-consuming, but it’s definitely worth the effort. The right builder will be able to help you design a home that fits your modern lifestyle and the needs of your family. In particular, follow these steps as you search for a builder.

Visit Many Show Homes

Websites can give you some ideas about the quality a builder offers, but there’s no substitute for visiting their show homes. You might want to narrow your choices to builders in a certain area or builders who only make certain types of homes, but beyond that, it’s smart to check out at least five different builders. This gives you a real feel for the quality you can expect from each builder. A mediocre home can look good until you see some better options.

Connect with the Sales Team

You might want to avoid working with the sales team until you’ve made your decision, but this isn’t the smartest move. Talk to the Area Managers of the companies that interest you. Pay attention to how quickly they respond to messages or emails. Take note of whether they’re treating you with respect or pushing you to make a quick decision. As you build a home, you’ll be working closely with these people to determine all the details, so it’s important to choose a team you feel really comfortable with.

Compare Resale Values

Everyone wants to know that their home is going to at least retain its value. Take a look at the current resale value of each builder’s homes. Are these homes selling quickly? How do current prices compare to what the homeowner paid for the home? This can give you a good idea of what the value of your home might look like several years after you’ve moved in.

Research Your Short List

At this point, you should have a fairly short list of possible builders, and it’s time to start doing some research into the companies themselves. Consider the company’s financial stability. Have they been in business for a long time? Are they members of professional organizations? These are signs of a solid company who can deliver on its promises.

One other source to check at this point is your circle. Do you have family or friends that have built a new home recently? What was their experience like? Would they recommend the builder they worked with? These are people you can trust and who will be completely upfront with how their new home build went.

Check Out the Options

Ultimately, it’s all about the finish. You want a builder who can give you the must-have features you’ve been looking for in your upgraded home and offers functional floor plans for your family. Maybe you want things like granite countertops, high ceilings, and energy-efficient appliances. If there are specific things you want, like an outdoor kitchen by the patio or a large in-ground pool, ask if these options are available. Take time to look at the types of things that come standard from each builder and the other available options.

Look Beyond the Basics

A good builder does more than build a quality home. Ask about the type of support you can expect to receive after you’ve moved in. For instance, some builders offer service programs to take care of maintenance around the house. Some have referral programs that offer you a deal when a friend or family member chooses the builder as well. All new homes will come with a new home warranty, but a good builder will educate you on the warranty process and follow up with you after possession to ensure you are satisfied.

Contact References

All companies want to shine, so you should expect them to focus on the positive aspects of their company and the quality of their homes. You can get a more accurate perception of the company by speaking with former and current clients. Ask the company to give you references, so you can contact these homeowners. Better yet, walk around the neighbourhood that most interests you and chat with the people you see out and about. In particular, you want to know if there were any issues during their build and if the company was good about communicating throughout the process. Ask if they’d buy from this company again. Find out if the homeowner has had to make any repairs since the build was completed. If you hear mostly glowing reviews, it’s a good sign that you’ve found a superior home builder.

You’ll spend a lot of money building your dream home, so don’t feel shy about taking the time to do your research. Finding a quality company that matches your style is a big part of the equation. When you’ve done you research, you can proceed feeling confident that you’ve made the right decision.

Photo credit: couple meeting builder