How to Mix Your Hardware Finishes Kitchen imageWhen it comes time to add that perfect finishing touch to your interior, a splash of metal can really make a big difference. Many home interior experts consider hardware to be akin to the jewellery of your home, an essential accent that adds sparkle and life to the space. 

Whether you’re considering door and cabinet handles, light fixtures, or simply metal accent pieces, it’s important to achieve the right balance.

Know Your Hardware

In the interior decorating world, hardware comes mainly in silver, gold, brass, and iron. When used right, hardware and accent pieces add a deeper texture and sense of layers. But when overdone, mixing metals or using too many of them can distract the eye and give the inside of your home a cluttered feel.

Mixing and Matching

That’s not to say you can’t mix and match. For example, you can to mix matte copper kitchen cabinet hardware with a bright chrome plumbing fixtures. But, the first rule of design you want to follow is to choose a dominant metal. Layer in secondary metal choices sparingly such as a matte chrome edge for your countertops and door handles.

Metal tends to take on the ambient hue of its surroundings, so remember hardware and accent pieces in a room with darker colours will look less bright, while accents in a lighter room will appear brighter.

A great design choice is to mix warm coloured metals like amber-hued brass and soft gold with much cooler metals like a matte chrome or silver. Too much of the same tone can give the space a dull look while playing off subtle contrasts adds just the right amount of visual sparkle.

How to Mix Your Hardware Finishes Bedroom imageRemember Your Threes

Many designers follow the rule of three, keeping colour styles and themes to three per room as it’s more appealing. When it comes to metal hardware and accents, limit yourself to just three types per room. 

Take a dominant metal like bright chrome and soften it with rustic touches of silver or softer chrome for appliances and shelf brackets. Anything more than three can lead to a distracting and unpleasant look.

Matte vs. Shiny

Using shiny or sparkling hardware and finishes in combinations with matte pieces can strike a perfect balance. Sparkling or shiny metal hardware draws the eye first, so it makes a lot of sense to contract them with nearby accents that are less intrusive on the viewer’s attention. For example, you can mix bright shiny chrome cabinet and drawer handles with a matte accent line on the countertop or inlay.

When in doubt, choose an unobtrusive polish for the majority of your hardware and accent pieces and save a particularly eye-catching piece for the spotlight. Consider an interior room with matte black hardware on the drawers and handles and how well it will contrast with an antique or vintage item made from brass or gold.

How to Mix Your Hardware Finishes Bathroom imageShape Up

After you’ve made your choices on the primary type of hardware you want to use as well as your secondary surface and metal types, remember to not overdo it on geometrical progression. A round door handle with a square mounting bracket looks busier and more cluttered than a door handle with no square edges or hard corners. Softer, rounder shapes like circles and ovals present a more appealing look, while objects and accent pieces with sharp corners and angles should be used sparingly as focal points in the space.

Maintain the Flow

Once you’ve settled on a primary design choice for one space, be sure to continue it through the rest of your home. It’s jarring visually to walk from a room decorated in matte black with strong accents of gold into a room dominated with copper and silver. 

It’s also important not to forget the exterior of your home, choosing letter slots, exterior door knobs, mailboxes, and other outdoor hardware to remain consistent with your interior design choices.

Choose Quality

Nothing will subdue the sleek look you’ve created more than dull finishes. Always choose high-quality hardware whenever possible, taking into consideration they’re likely to last 20 years or more. Pieces made from genuine metals will keep their lustre for a long time while being resistant to chipping, fading, scoring, and scratching.

When it comes to choosing finishes for their new home, many people forget about the importance of choosing great hardware. Remember, these finishes can really make a difference in determining the ambience of a space, so don’t be afraid to go bold. A good Calgary builder will be more than happy to help you choose the perfect pieces for your home.


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