indications-of-great-area-manager-featured-image.pngWhen you choose to build a new home, your builder’s Area Manager or Associate will be your best friend throughout the process. He or she has the ability to help you make the right choices, and ensure the entire build goes smoothly. In fact, a positive interaction with the Area Manager or Associate may be one of the reasons you choose one company over another.

But first, you need to know how to recognize a good Area Manager. Use the tips below to help you determine whether you’ve found an Area Manager or Associate who’s going to be on your side.

They Show a Wealth of Knowledge

All Area Managers or Associates should be able to tell you a bit about the builder’s offerings, but a great Area Manager and Associate know much more than this. They know all about the local area, including the best restaurants, where you can get a good workout, and what other types of amenities are nearby.

They will  also be up to date on future plans for the community, like when the new school is expected to open. This knowledge can help you select the right community and lot for your family.

They Have Enthusiasm for the Builder

You want an Area Manager or Associate who thinks of their work as more than just a job. This often shows in their enthusiasm for the builder. They’ll know what makes his company stand out from other builders. They’ll know what benefits only their builder offers.

At the same time, they won’t spend time worrying about what other builders offer. You want to know what makes this company great, not what makes the other companies inferior. The sales team reflects the company, so this is important when you’re trying to find a superior Calgary home builder.

They Know the Homes Inside and Out

Ideally, you want an Area Manager or Associate  who has solid knowledge about the homes they offer. They should know all of the different floor plans and home styles, along with the advantages and benefits of each. They should be able to quickly answer most of your questions but be willing to do research if you have an uncommon question or request.

They’ll also have her finger on the pulse of the community, knowing which lots are still up for sale. A great Area Manager or Associate might even be able to point you to a particular street with kids around the same ages as yours.

indications-of-great-area-manager.pngThey Listen to Your Needs and Wants

The beauty of building a new home is being able to find designs that fit your exact needs. A good Area Manager or Associate will listen to the things you want in a home or community and make recommendations based on those needs. If they’re pushing you to buy a home that’s too big or sign up for upgrades you don’t really want, it’s time to look elsewhere.

They’re Upfront About Upgrades

One thing to keep in mind while shopping for a new home is that the show homes are typically packed with the most common upgrades. The builders want you to see the best they have to offer, but those upgrades all come with a price.

You want an Area Manager or Associate who’s honest about which features come standard with all homes and which ones are upgrades. Don’t be afraid to ask when you’re touring homes. Expect a straight answer.

They Spend as Much Time as You Need

Throughout the new home build process, you’ll be making a lot of important decisions. You don’t want to rush those decisions. Good Area Managers and Associate allow you the time you need to carefully research your options and make decisions. For instance, you don’t want an Area Manager who will show you a style board with ten flooring choices and ask you to make a quick selection.

Instead, they should tell you about the options and answer questions you might have, but encourage you to do your own research before making a decision. Overall, this will make you happier with the choices you make.

They Give You The Space You Need

At the same time, there’s nothing worse than an Area Manager or Associate following two steps behind you around the show home. You want someone who will be there to answer your questions without being overbearing.

When you’re touring homes or making important decisions, you don’t necessarily want someone sitting in on your discussion. A good Area Manager and Associate know when to take a few steps back to allow you time and space to think and discuss.

Area Managers play an important role in the home building and buying process, so you want to find one you can trust. That’s one of the reasons why you should take the time to research various builders and interview different managers. If you don’t feel completely comfortable working with someone, it’s time to keep looking.

With these tips, you should have a better idea of what you can expect from good Area Managers. Ultimately, it comes down to them being well prepared to help you gather all the information you may need. Check out our post on the 11 Questions To Ask An Area Manager or Associate.


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