How to Get Things Done And Make Moving Fun Child Featured ImageSo, you’ve found the right new home for your needs. Now, it’s time for you and your family to pack up and get ready to make the transition. Unfortunately, moving can be a stressful undertaking if you don’t take the time to prepare. Look at several things you can do to reduce your stress and put fun into the moving process. 

Tackle the Packing Process in Stages

When it comes to moving, one valuable tip is to pack up your home in stages. You could divide each room into three sections and pack one section per day. This method of packing keeps you from becoming overwhelmed which can take stress out of the equation.

Another way to divide up the packing work is to assign family members to different rooms. Or, if one room is particularly large and full of items, assign two family members to it. Dividing up the work can help you get the packing done in an organized way.

How to Get Things Done And Make Moving Fun Drawing ImageMake Colourful Labels for Boxes

Create a label system to make the packing process more fun. For instance, you can make pink labels for boxes with items for the kitchen and blue labels for items belonging in the laundry room. This system makes it easy to figure out where each box goes, and it puts some flair into the moving process.

If you prefer, you can label your boxes with large stickers from a craft store. Or, you can use duct tape featuring a particular design representing a different room in your new home. Decorating your boxes with stickers or colourful duct tape is not only fun, it makes it easy for everyone to see where it belongs.

A Box Brigade

Instead of a bucket brigade, load boxes into your car or truck via a box brigade. Ask your family members to form a line from the front door of your home to your car. Then, pass each box down the line so it travels from your home to your car in an entertaining, efficient way.

Don’t Forget the Food and Drinks

Food and drinks have a way of adding fun to a move. One idea is to order pizza for your family to enjoy after packing one room or one section of a room. Or, make some hero sandwiches and stock up on soft drinks to pass out to your family members on the day of the move.

How to Get Things Done And Make Moving Fun Pizza ImageIf you have young kids or teenagers helping you pack the rooms in your home, get a bag of snacks. Every hour, each person who helps with the move can reach into the bag to pull out a small bag of chips, a cookie, sandwich crackers, or another tasty snack. Be sure to have your family’s favourite drinks in a cooler nearby.

Pack to the Music

Music can add fun to any task. Check with your family members and others who are helping you pack boxes to see what kind of music they like. Then, gather some CDs you know everyone will appreciate. Play them on a CD player or choose a radio station everyone agrees on.

Designate a Few First Night Boxes

Think about what you and your family will need the first night in your new home. A few plates, some silverware and glasses are some ideas to start with. You can use these for your first dinner in your new place.

A few other suggestions for the contents of your first night boxes include toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and a hand towel for the bathroom. Think of other basic things you’ll need on the first night such as paper towels, the television remote and your cell phone charger.

Send Some Items Ahead

Reducing the number of boxes you have to move can definitely make the moving process easier. So, pack up some of the items in your home and send them to your new place ahead of time. You can avoid carrying heavier items like books, dishes, and electronic equipment if you pack them up and send them via delivery service if possible.

Get Creative with Combining Items

Using your imagination when packing items is another way to inject fun into the task of moving. For instance, wrap your breakables in bath towels, washcloths, bed sheets and blankets. With this method, you can cut down on the amount of packing peanuts or bubble wrap you use for your move.

Another idea is to pack breakable items between throw pillows, so they won’t move around in the box. T-shirts and sweatpants make great packing for vases, small lamps, and other delicate items. Get your kids involved in thinking of imaginative ways to combine your items to make the move more efficient.

Lastly, trying to make a move fun can help you and your family get the most enjoyment out of the time spent together.


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