Reflect Your Style with These Mirror Design Ideas Bedroom Featured ImageEvery morning, you stand in front of the mirror in your master bathroom brushing your teeth, combing your hair, or putting on makeup. A mirror is a familiar sight in a bathroom. But, did you know a mirror can add to the décor of any room in your home?

Take a moment to reflect on some of these dazzling ideas.

The Foyer

A mirror in the foyer gives guests and family members a place where they can check their makeup or hair as they enter or leave your home. You might even consider stencilling your favourite quote on a mirror, making your home an inspiring place to enter. 

Reflect Your Style with These Mirror Design Ideas Foyer ImageAnother idea is to get a foyer mirror that can do double duty. Some modern mirror designs have a set of hooks just beneath the frame where you can hang coats, jackets, or umbrellas. This is an ideal choice if you’re looking to maximize space in your foyer.

The Dining Room

A mirror is a beautiful addition to a dining room especially when the décor is formal. If you have dark paint or wallpaper on the walls, a long rectangular mirror with an ornate silver frame on one wall can inject even more elegance into the space. Plus, it can reflect any natural light seeping into the dining room.

A large oval mirror with a flowery gold frame would be an excellent choice for a dining room with a lovely chandelier. Hang the mirror opposite the chandelier to capture its reflection. The beauty of the chandelier can be enjoyed twice by guests and family members alike. 

Reflect Your Style with These Mirror Design Ideas Living room Image

The Living Room

One of the best things about putting a mirror in the living room is it can reflect the natural light coming in through the windows. A fun idea is to hang a mirror with a wooden frame matching the wooden arms of your chairs, sofa, and even the tables in the room. This is an easy way to echo the design detail.

Another idea is to find a variety of mirrors in frames made of different materials and hang them throughout your living room like pictures to create a gallery wall of mirrors. They’ll reflect the sunlight as it moves across the room throughout the day, creating a luminous display.

The Bedroom

Some mirrors are more decorative than practical. One design idea for your master bedroom is to create a wall that alternates tin or painted tiles with mirror tiles. This design can reflect the sunlight coming into the room and makes this wall the focus of your bedroom. 

If you prefer a traditional look in your bedroom, you may have a vanity set where you sit down to get ready for your day or evening. This set is likely to come with a matching mirror. But, to add to the picture, you can get a mirrored tray with an antique border to place on top of the vanity table, so you have somewhere to display your perfume bottles and little products.

Reflect Your Style with These Mirror Design Ideas Ensuite ImageThe Bathroom

Look at the style of your bathroom. If you have a traditional style with a freestanding sink, you may want to get a mirror with a gilded, old-fashioned frame. Going to antique stores and secondhand furniture stores can be helpful when looking for this style of mirror.

Alternatively, if you have a modern bathroom with a large vanity and metal-brushed fixtures, go with a modern-looking mirror. This may be a mirror with a sleek silver frame or perhaps a circular mirror with no frame. A mirror echoing the modern tone of the décor will help the bathroom look more attractive. 

The Kitchen

Who says a mirror doesn’t belong in a kitchen design? If you’re interested in having a brilliant kitchen backsplash, why not choose a mirrored backsplash? It’ll give your kitchen a modern look and make it feel extra spacious. 

A second idea for the kitchen is a mirror with a famous logo or image on it. Maybe you like a particular type of soda, beer, lemonade or another beverage. Look in a secondhand store or antique shop for a mirror featuring a famous logo or image to place on a wall in your kitchen. 

The Bonus Room

If you use the bonus room in your home as an office, you may want to put up a mirror that gives the décor a little more appeal. Most home offices are practical places, so try a mirror with a Bohemian style complete with a unique shape. If you love a particular animal such as a horse, bird, dog or cat, put up a mirror in a frame displaying the animal’s shape.

If you use your bonus room as a playroom for your young children, get a mirror your child would love. For example, you could choose a mirror with a frame featuring a favourite storybook character or movie character. These can be found online or even in secondhand stores selling children’s furniture, clothing, and toys.

A mirror seems like a small touch to a room’s décor, but it can do a lot to enhance the tone you’ve established in the space. Plus, there are so many styles and designs available, you’re sure to find a few perfect mirrors for your home. Sometimes changing a simple item like a mirror can refresh the entire look of a space.