As young parents, a growing family guarantees you will need more space, efficient features and all the conveniences of a modern home. You want a future where your family will enjoy their home and can continue to grow into it for many years to come. Upgrading gives you excellent functionality and a practical layout that will be essential to your changing needs.

Separate Bedroom Spaces

An ample number of bedrooms will ensure your family can grow in your new home, and a four or five-bedroom home is a good starting point. Choosing a floor plan that features main-floor bedrooms means your family can enjoy choices about separate sleeping areas and options to accommodate your needs for privacy or quiet. The flexibility of having bedrooms on more than one floor is a great option for the modern family.

Your Sanctuary: The Master Suite

With the privacy of a secluded haven, you can enjoy a place for relaxation with a beautiful master suite. Your ensuite, with a spa-like atmosphere and the luxuries of a beautifully appointed space, will help you to unwind from the day and get some much-needed rest before launching into tomorrow’s busy schedule.

Nanny Suite and Side Entrances

A nanny suite is a practical addition to a new home build. However, if you don’t have one, it makes an excellent space for hosting your overnight guests! Side entrances provide members of your family with options to enter parts of the home that won’t disturb napping children. It also spreads out the traffic flow throughout your home, rather than concentrating it around the front or back door.

The Social Kitchen

An open floor plan will allow you to choose a kitchen design that’s central to all the activities in the home. Since the kitchen is the normal gathering spot for family and friends, be sure to select a layout with enough room for everyone. A breakfast bar and plenty of counter space opening up to a casual dining area will be ideal for including all who gather around the chef.

Choose a Butler’s Pantry

A butler’s pantry is a storage room located near the kitchen and dining room. It’s used to store serving items and as a preparation area for meals. If you do a lot of entertaining, a butler’s pantry is ideal for serving meals and party foods with ease. A butler’s pantry may include appliances and fixtures such as a sink, dishwasher, and refrigerator, or it can be a simple space with storage and countertops.

Choose Storage

A growing family means lots of storage space is needed, especially as young children grow into teenagers and plunge into school and extra-curricular activities. Sporting gear, hobbies, and a lifetime of accumulation can make storage a scarce commodity in a busy home. Plenty of closets, built-in storage, a large garage, and a basement or attic can help your family to store many items in an organized way. Including an extra bedroom for temporary storage until you need to make room for a new family addition is another option to look into.

Study and Work Spacesmust-have-features-when-upgrading-image.png

Homework is a mainstay of any home with school-age children, and creating a space devoted to homework will keep books and paperwork off of your kitchen counters and dining room table. A desk near the kitchen is a popular feature, and study space in a quieter area of the home is a practical element as well. Built-in desks with easy access to technology, paper, and other resources ensure that your children can make the most of their study time.

Functional Flex Rooms

A flex room on the main floor of your home is an excellent choice for telecommuters or self-employed homeowners who need a dedicated office space to work. Separating your flex room from the rest of your home can help to preserve the boundaries of work time and family time. A side entrance and locking doors mean you can enjoy all the privacy of a corporate office in a home setting.

Enjoying the Outdoors

Choosing a home with a functional backyard area is essential for a growing family. The ability to create an outdoor patio or deck that can be used for children’s activities or entertaining guests makes your home feel larger and provides the advantage of an extra room. Having an outdoor space is essential in the summertime, where your family will enjoy spending time together playing in the yard.

With so many practical and contemporary options for your new home build, it’s easy to match your lifestyle with spaces that meet your family’s needs. Consider these must-have elements when you upgrade to a new home for you and your family to grow into and enjoy for many years to come.