What’s Overhead Your New Home Lighting Options Kitchen Featured ImageYou’ve looked down, and thought about what’s under your feet for your new home flooring, but what about home lighting? It’s time to look up and choose lighting that will complete the look you’re going for in each room. 

Living Room

The living room is the centre point of any home. It’s where you relax after a long day, where you entertain guests, and where the majority of your “living” takes place. Doesn’t it deserve great lighting? Here are a few ideas.

What’s Overhead Your New Home Lighting Optionss Livingroom ImageIf you have high ceilings, hanging a chandelier can add a touch of class and sophistication—as well as generate a lot of Sia jokes. Chandeliers also diffuse light throughout a large space, and are often not as expensive as many people expect. 

Adding floor and table lamps allow you to set up localized, easily controlled lighting for when you want to create a certain mood. These lamps are also great for those late nights when all you want to do is curl up on the couch and read a book. 

Finally, recessed lighting around the top of your living room can give it a more modern look and serve as an accent to highlight artwork and other details within the room. 


If there’s anywhere lighting is important, it’s the bedroom. A central light is great for when you need to clean the room or make the bed, but you can enhance it by adding a dimmer switch. This lets you create a relaxing mood while retaining enough light to read and see by. 

What’s Overhead Your New Home Lighting Options Bedroom ImageIndividual lights on either side of the bed are also good choices for when you want to read, or when you need to wake up and want to minimize the amount of disturbance you cause your partner. 

Finally, if you have a headboard, consider using recessed lights in the headboard that are angled toward the wall. These lights reflect off the wall and create a soft ambience that’s relaxing and provides a great backdrop. 


Some of the most popular choices for lighting in the kitchen are pendant lights hung across the island or over the dining room table. If you don’t have an island in your kitchen and your dining room table is in another room, never fear; there are a few other options you can try.

Recessed spotlights in the kitchen ceiling make it easy to focus light on the most used areas. The stove, the sink, and other spaces that will need a lot of light benefit from positioning lights directly above them. Under-cabinet lighting gives kitchens a more modern look and can provide just enough light for a midnight snack without turning on the overhead lights and waking yourself up entirely.

What’s Overhead Your New Home Lighting Optionss Bathroom ImageBathroom

In the bathroom, your main focus will be on task lighting. Putting wall lights on both sides of the mirror will help you better brush your teeth and ensure you don’t miss any hairs when shaving your face. It’s also great for putting on makeup, as it provides a more all-around view of the face. 

If you place a dimmer switch in the bathroom, you’ll be able to see and adjust the light as your eyes adjust after waking up first thing in the morning. Recessed lighting is also a great choice for when you want to fill the tub with bubbly water and have a relaxing evening. 


The entryway into your home is often overlooked and forgotten when planning decorations, but it deserves attention, too. After all, it’s the first space someone will see when they enter your home. A bright overhead light will ensure guests have plenty of light to see by, but putting a lamp in the corner can provide mood lighting and make even your entryway a more welcoming space.

No matter what you choose to do with the lighting in your home, take the time to evaluate all of your options. Lighting really does set the tone in a room, so choosing fixtures based on what you intend to use the room for will help you create exactly the look and feel you want.