9 DIY Ways to Optimize Your Home Storage Featured ImageIs your home organized? Or do you have a lot of clutter around that you’d like to see disappear? Keeping your home neat and tidy can make your daily tasks a lot easier. If you want to boost the organization factor in your home, take a look at these DIY home hacks to help get the ball rolling. 

9 DIY Ways to Optimize Your Home Storage Pantry Image1. Use an Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer in Your Kitchen Pantry 

If you have a clear plastic shoe organizer draped over a closet door it’s likely to be filled with shoes. But, shoes aren’t the only thing these over the door organizers are good for. 

Try getting one to hang over the pantry door in your kitchen. The clear plastic pockets are perfect for spices, snacks, kids’ cups and more. Using this organizer in your pantry frees up space on your shelves for other important cooking-related items. 

2. Store Extension Cords Using Empty Paper Towel Rolls 

The next time you tear the last paper towel off its cardboard roll, resist the urge to toss it out. You can use these empty cardboard rolls to store extension cords. Simply put the cord through the roll and wrap it securely around so it stays in place. Imagine never having to untangle Christmas lights again! 

3. Use Pants Hangers to Store Your Boots and Slippers 

You know those plastic hangers with the clips on them designed to hold a pair of pants? Use these to hang up your boots. Simply set your boot on the floor and attach the clips to the top edges of your boots. Make sure the boots hang straight when you hang the hanger on the closet rod. 

Another idea is to hang a pair of slippers or flip-flops using a pants hanger. If you’re worried about the clips leaving an indentation on your boots or slippers, put a tissue or gauze between the clip and your hanging footwear. 

4. Mini-Loaf Pans for Organizing Your Makeup Drawer 

Those cute mini-loaf pans are good for a lot more than just making tiny portions of blueberry or cornbread. They can also organize your makeup! Get an inexpensive set of these mini-loaf pans and set them side-by-side in your makeup drawer. They are an ideal size for lipsticks, eyeshadow containers, mascara, eyeliner pencils and more. Say goodbye to digging through a drawer for your favourite tube of lipstick! 

9 DIY Ways to Optimize Your Home Storage Knife Image5. Put Up a Magnetic Strip in Your Kitchen for Knives 

A magnetic strip is a modern item to have in your kitchen. Put it on the wall nearest to where you cut veggies, fruits and more. So, when you need a large knife, a paring knife or another sort of cutting tool, you have all of your options within arm’s reach. Using a magnetic strip means you can forego the usual wooden block for knife storage that takes up valuable counter space. 

6. A Tiered Hanging Basket for the Kids’ Scarves, Hats and Mittens 

Maybe you have one of those hanging fruit baskets with multiple tiers sitting in your garage. Give it new life by hanging it in your foyer or mudroom and filling it with your kids’ scarves, mittens and hats. So, when your kids are rushing in the morning to catch the bus they can simply dig into each basket to find what they need to put on along with their coat. 

Other items you could put in this tiered hanging basket include: 

  • Pet leashes
  • Earmuffs
  • Silk scarves

7. Store Cleaning Items With a Tension Rod Under Your Kitchen Sink 

Adjustable tension rods are generally used when hanging a set of curtains. But, they can also be used to organize the bottles of cleaning solution in the cabinet beneath your kitchen sink. Simply put up a tension rod in the cabinet and hang bottles of window cleaner, countertop cleaner and air freshener by their spray handles. As a bonus, this gives you more space on the floor of the cabinet. 

8. Make a Plastic Bag Receptacle Out of a Tissue Box 

Tissue boxes are so hard to throw away nowadays because they feature such colourful, interesting designs. The next time you run out of tissues, don’t throw out the box. Instead, attach it with Velcro to the inside of the cabinet door beneath your kitchen sink. Then, fill it with plastic bags from the grocery store so you have easy access to them if you need one. 

9. Store Your Ironing Board on a Wall 

An ironing board can take up a lot of space in the laundry room. One hack to consider is to put up some wall hooks so you can hang your ironing board on one wall. This keeps it out of the way and you can get to it whenever there is an item in need of pressing. 

One of the best things about DIY home hacks is there are many reusable items you may otherwise have thrown away. You can help the environment while making your home more organized for you and your family.

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