Outdoor Accessories to Perfect Your Patio Furniture imageThere are many ways to spruce up your patio without spending a lot of money on materials. You want your outdoor living space to reflect your own taste and style. It should also provide a comfortable and versatile area to relax and entertain. Here are some finishing touches that can make that happen!

Patio Surfaces

If your patio is made of cement, there are many ways to liven it up. The simplest is to have a top layer of cement added and a design pressed into the surface. You can even have the concrete tinted to a tawny or warm brown colour to add character. This is an inexpensive option that will last for a long time.

Ceramic tile on a patio gives it a classy touch. There are tiles that are made especially for outdoor use, and red clay tile is a versatile choice. No individual tile will look the same as another, and that’s part of the charm. You can also find white, grey, and black clay tiles to coordinate with outdoor furnishings.

Outdoor Accessories to Perfect Your Patio Covered Patio imageAttractive Shade Elements

Shade is important during the sweltering summer months. You’ll want to have a patio that’s shady when it’s hot outside but also sunny in the colder months. That’s why temporary shade features such as blinds and umbrellas are a desirable choice. You can also have a mix of fixtures, such as a permanent pergola with fibre mats that roll down at each end to block the sun’s rays when needed.

A simple and sporty way to add shade to your patio is to use a large square of outdoor fabric as a canopy. Start with some canvas or water-resistant fabric, cement, and five-gallon buckets. All you need to do is stand PVC pipe in each bucket surrounded by cement to weight it. Then slide pre-cut poles into the PVC guides and attach your fabric corners to the top of each pole. This is a fun do-it-yourself project that’s inexpensive and can be as temporary as you desire.

Comfortable Furnishings

You want your outdoor furniture to be sturdy, stylish, and comfortable. Besides that, keep in mind that patio furnishings often need to be rearranged. Look for lightweight chairs and tables that can be used in more than one way. Flat, folding seats can double as end tables, depending on the need.

Wicker may be attractive, but it doesn’t stand up to the elements like wood or polymer furnishings. And be careful not to select items with metal parts that can rust. Cast aluminium outdoor furniture come in any colour and are lightweight enough to rearrange easily. Best of all, it won’t rust. You can also change your patio décor any time by switching out the cushions on the seating.

Outdoor Accessories to Perfect Your Patio Hanging Pots imageFlowers and Greenery

The advice about not getting weighed down by heavy patio furniture applies to accessories, too. There are polymer plant pots that are dead-ringers for stone, ceramic, and wood. The difference is that they weigh a fraction of the real thing. Accessorize by placing attractive planters around your patio, and then fill them with potted greenery and flowering plants.

Hanging plants can make an outdoor space feel like an oasis. If possible, hang them from a pergola or lattice above the seating area. When that’s not available, you can get brackets that will attach to fences and walls, surrounding the outdoor seating with natural beauty. Free-standing plant hangers can also add to the style of your setting while bringing greenery and flowering plants closer.

Outdoor Art

Wind chimes, pottery, and mosaics are a few of the choices for enhancing the appeal of your outdoor living area. Special objects that attract the eye and add charm to the surroundings will make your patio space stand out. A stone and ceramic mosaic is impervious to the elements, especially if placed beneath an overhang. You can even design your own unique mosaic art for your patio.

Decorative bird houses add an artistic flair to your outdoor space, and they have the added benefit of attracting birds. Outdoor lighting can also be an addition to the artistic theme, whether you add delicate strings of lights or whimsical garden lanterns. It’s always fun to add a conversation piece too, like a funky wind chime or decorative ceramic tile.

Water Features

An outdoor fountain can be soothing and beautiful, setting the tone of your patio. There are fountains to fit every budget and taste, from a simple trickle, to a wall of cascading water. Moving water enhances the space and provides a lovely visual display. The sound of trickling water is also calming, and moving water helps cool down the space around it.

A bird bath is another appealing water feature for your patio. These come in every colour and material, from simple bird baths to elaborate, artistically designed ones. You can position one on the patio or just beyond, and it’s also a delight to watch from a glass door or window when the birds decide to splash around.

Your Patio Will Reflect Your Unique Style

Just like the rest of your home, your patio is an extension of you and your taste in furnishings and accessories. It can be as simple or ornate as you desire, and you can tackle it as a do-it-yourself project or enliven it by purchasing elegant outdoor touches. The fundamental rule is that there are no rules!

The first thing to think about when envisioning your patio is how you’re going to use it, and the second consideration is how you want it to look. These two criteria can come together beautifully if you take the time to find elements that speak to your personal sense of style. Hopefully, some of these tips will help you design the perfect patio to enjoy for many seasons.


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