Community Spotlight Ravenswood Family Featured ImageLocated a short distance from the bustling city of Calgary, the pleasant community of Ravenswood maintains the welcoming feel of a small town. That’s why Ravenswood appeals to so many young families looking for a beautiful home in southeast Airdrie. 

Quiet walking paths, picturesque parks, playgrounds, and plenty of greenery are just a few of the features that make Ravenswood the ideal neighbourhood for growing families.

Peaceful, Natural Surroundings

Living in Ravenswood means you can visit the community soccer field to kick a ball around with the kids or set up a gathering of spirited games every Saturday morning. There are 8.2 hectares of green space in Ravenswood making it the perfect place to take a quiet walk after dinner with the dog or take in an early  Community Spotlight: Ravenswood Couple Imagemorning jog. This is a tranquil community where families can feel safe letting their kids bicycle the streets, run over to visit a friend in a nearby home, or play in one of the six nearby parks.

Restaurants and Shopping

Living in Ravenswood means you’re within a short distance of restaurants and eateries of all kinds. Nearby CrossIron Mills has a variety of restaurants to suit the tastes of everyone in your family. For a grown-up’s night out, drive a short way to Yankee Valley Boulevard to choose from many eateries offering an inviting atmosphere and delicious cuisine you may not have tried before.

If you live in Ravenswood and love to shop, you don’t have to travel far. Located in Airdrie, the Yankee Valley Crossing shopping centre has places where you can get your haircut, pick up your prescriptions, shop for clothing, pick up your dry cleaning, and more! Having all of these businesses in one area means you don’t have to drive all over the city to cross off everything on your to-do list.

Grocery shopping is a necessary task done each day, week, or month, depending on the needs of your family. There are several grocery stores located near Ravenswood including a Save on Foods and a Walmart. This makes the task of shopping for food, housewares, and other necessities easy and quick.


If you want to take in a movie with the family after a satisfying dinner, there’s a movie theatre at the CrossIron Mills Shopping centre showing a selection of entertaining films. Also, the Nose Creek Valley Museum in Airdrie has wildlife artifacts, military exhibits, a settler’s cabin exhibit, and much more to treat your family to a fun, educational outing. The Bert Church Live Theater offers lively entertainment in the form of pageants, plays, and music shows – many of which star local talent. 

The Thumbprint Craft Beer Market is a unique business near Ravenswood where you can find beers to suit your personal tastes and preferences. If you love to try different beers or need some supplies for an upcoming party, then it’s worth your while to check out this market. Feel free to ask their expert brewers about the many beers they have in stock.

Community Spotlight: Ravenswood Shoppers ImageFamilies with a Common Goal

The individuals and families who move to Ravenswood are looking for essentially the same things. They want a safe, pleasant place for their children to grow up. Also, they want to live in close proximity to their work and be able to shop and conduct other business without travelling far. Ravenswood fits the vision of many growing families in Alberta. 

Local Schools

Ravenswood is close to many quality schools. These schools serve children from kindergarten through high school. In fact, many children who live in the Ravenswood community are able to walk to school allowing parents to skip having to arrange for transportation each day.

Other highlights of Ravenswood to consider:

  • selection of new homes to fit your budget.
  • Larger lots than most communities allowing more space for your family.
  • Access to Banff and Kananaskis without travelling through traffic.
  • Homes available with a garage to protect your vehicles throughout the Canadian winters.
  • Access to plenty of employment opportunities, programs, and services in the City of Airdrie.

Ravenswood has so much more to offer you besides a brand new home. Move into a place where you and your family feel a part of a friendly, supportive community. You can enjoy a comfortable home with all of the amenities located in a picturesque community when you choose Ravenswood.


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