Spring Ahead With Our Home Maintenance Tips Tulips Featured ImagePutting your winter coat into storage and pulling out your lighter clothing items are two things you probably do to get ready for the spring season. While preparing your wardrobe is important, don’t forget to get your home ready for the change of seasons. 

Check out a list of maintenance tips to complete so your home will be ready for spring.

Replace the Furnace Filter

The air filter inside your furnace captures the dust, pet hair, dirt and other particles floating around in the atmosphere inside your home. Having a clean air filter in your furnace allows your heating system to work in an efficient way. 

Spring Ahead With Our Home Maintenance Tips Cleaning ImageThe first step in this spring maintenance task is to determine what type of filter your furnace needs. This information is displayed somewhere on your furnace or in the owner’s manual. Next, slide out the old filter and place the new filter into the compartment making sure it goes in properly.

Move the Patio Furniture Outside

Chances are, you have a collection of patio furniture including chairs, a table, and maybe even a grill. These items are put into storage over the winter. As the weather gets warmer, take the patio furniture out of storage, wipe down each piece with a moist cloth and arrange them on your patio or deck.

Clean the Range Hood/OTR Filter

Did you use your stove a lot over the winter? If so, you should check the condition of your range hood and OTR filter. When grease spatters up toward the range hood it mixes with dirt causing an unpleasant buildup. 

Use mild soap, hot water, and a sponge or rag to clean the exterior of the range hood. You may need to use a scrubbing sponge if there is a stubborn buildup of grease on your range hood’s exterior. Dry the range hood with a clean cloth.

To clean the OTR filter you have to remove it from the underside of the range hood. Next, dip the filter in hot water mixed with soap. Rinse it and make sure it’s dry before putting it back up in the range hood.

Change the Direction of Your Ceiling Fan

If you have a ceiling fan, make sure it’s spinning in a counterclockwise direction. When it travels in this direction it forces warm air up toward the ceiling leaving behind cool air. There is a switch on the side of your ceiling fan to set the direction.

Check Exterior Vents for Your Furnace and Hot Water Tank

Exterior vents for a furnace and water heater allow gases to escape the interior of the home. Maintaining these exterior vents and keeping them clear is an important item on your to-do list for spring. Check to see if the vent covers are intact and remove any snow or other debris blocking the vents. 

Sweep the Garage

The cold temperatures make it a difficult task to sweep the garage during the winter months. So, as springtime approaches make it a point to sweep the leaves, cobwebs and other debris out of your garage to make a fresh start for the new season.

Spring Ahead With Our Home Maintenance Tips Woman ImageLubricate Door Hinges

During winter, the air inside a home can be very dry. This can dry out the oil on the hinges of your front door, back door, bedroom doors and more. So, take some time to lubricate your door hinges with a silicone based lubricant so they move easily and quietly.

Check Your Window Wells

As winter moves off, it leaves behind sticks, dirt, wet leaves, and other debris in your window wells. This sort of debris can block your view through the windows and encourage rodents to make a home in your window wells. Also, water can collect in the debris and possibly leak through the windows.

Use a small shovel to remove the debris and dump it into a garbage bag. Or, get a pair of work gloves and dig the debris out by hand to dispose of it.

Inspect Your Yard

The freezing and thawing that occurs over winter can cause dips and holes to develop in your yard. Leaving these in your yard can cause water to pool on your lawn or prevent rainwater from draining away from your home.

When you see a hole or dip in your yard, fill it with a soil mixture. Having a level lawn will be helpful especially when it comes time to mow the grass and tackle other new home landscaping.

Turn on the Hose Bib

The hose bib of the spigot on the outside of your home should be turned off and the garden hose should be disconnected for the winter to prevent frozen pipes. In the spring, you can turn on the hose bib so you can use your garden hose during the warm weather months.

Lubricate Garage Door Hinges

Spring is a great time to lubricate the hinges of your garage’s overhead door. With the temperature changes, they’ve likely dried out over the winter months. Use a silicone-based lubricant on the hinges and wheels of your overhead door so it moves in a smooth, safe way.

These are just a few spring maintenance tips to get you started. If you complete a few tasks throughout the next few weeks, you and your home will be ready by the time springtime arrives!

Now that all the work is done, it’s time for some more preparation – these home décor ideas will energize your home for spring!


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