The Details on Our List and Sell for Free Program Featured imageYour once shiny and new home is not so new anymore.

Maybe you’re living in the first home you’ve ever purchased, and it was only intended to be a “starter home”. Perhaps your family is growing or you need more space for a recently developed business venture.

Whatever your reason may be, when Sterling home owners are ready to upgrade, we’re ready to offer a helping hand.

That’s why we created our “List and Sell for Free” program!

What is This Program?

The List and Sell for Free program is offered exclusively to Sterling Homes customers. 

If you currently own a home built by Sterling Homes then you should have received a certificate indicating you are eligible to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. 

To show you how much we value your patronage, we’ll have your old home listed for sale – for free. 

The Details on Our List and Sell for Free Program Hand Shake imageHow Does it Work?

Let’s say, for example, you own one of our detached garage single family homes such as the Falbella 2 model. While this model has the gorgeous ensuite you first fell in love with, you’re now in need of more bedrooms and living space. 

It’s time to upgrade. 

Perhaps you’re interested in our Manhattan two-storey for its additional bedroom and bonus room where you can set up your office. Or maybe you need even more square footage, and the 2,471 square foot Berkshire 2 model caught your eye with its convenient upper floor laundry and front-attached garage that elevates the home’s curb appeal. Your choice will depend on the must-have features you’re looking for when upgrading.

We want to ease your transition from one Sterling home to the next and allow you to focus on home styles, designs, and décor ideas – while we take care of the finances! 

Through this program, we will pay for the listing and selling commissions on your old Sterling home so you can move up to a brand new Sterling home. Yes, really. 

Did You Really Say Free?

Yes! This program is free – to an extent. We will cover the costs mentioned above, depending on the value of your home. 

This means you could be benefiting from over $20,000 in savings!

The actual value will also rely on the sale of your current home and can only be used towards the purchase of a new Sterling or Pacesetter by Sterling home. 

When things start to get a little too tight at home, this program is a great incentive to finally put your home on the market and get into the bigger, more functional home your family needs and deserves. 

To learn more or for assistance with our List and Sell for Free program, contact a representative today. 

When you’re ready for an upgrade, it’s smart to stick with Sterling.