The Denali 6 – Sterling’s Most Versatile Model

The Denali 6 is one of Sterling's most versatile models. It's our most popular build, and my favorite, for a reason - it's compatible with an array of different lots, homeowners, and communities. 

Michaella Trombley

July 10, 2024

Let’s start with the home itself: upon first entry, you’re welcomed with a sizeable foyer, and more than enough room to welcome all your favorite guests over without any hassle. The foyer’s angled walls invite you further to explore a generously sized flex room or continue into the galley-style kitchen. This is where the versatility comes in: this flex room can be swapped out easily for a main floor bedroom, and the kitchen easily modified to include fully built-in appliances or a spice kitchen for all our gourmet chefs out there.

The kitchen borders on to a dining room and great room with upsized windows and doors that bring in enough natural light to warrant sunglasses, while the stairwell window draws attention to the upper floor. Let’s not forget about the basement stairwell, where a separate entry is a must for property value and basement suite capability. The standard upper floor comes with 3 bedrooms, but can easily be modified to accommodate an additional bedroom for larger families. My favorite additions to the upper floor would have to be a vaulted ceiling or fully tiled shower – great options you won’t regret for a fraction of the aftermarket cost! If you’re looking for a larger customization, a 2 bedroom legal suite can be added on the majority of lots, making your home an effective investment tool for those looking to rent out their basements and pay down that mortgage a little bit quicker.

The Denali 6 suits any homebuyer, making it my favorite home to build. Couples starting a family, families with older children, first-time home buyers, you name it. This home will work in any community that has a lot 29 feet or larger, you’ll find it nearly impossible to find a community that does not.

Don’t know where to start with the Denali 6? Contact me at the Hotchkiss showhome, where we have just submitted the blueprints for our new Denali 6 showhome build in 2025. I’d be happy to walk you through the plan myself. Please don’t mention it to my coworkers Amanda or Travis, they are tired of me talking about it all day.

Author: Rhett Duggan

About the Author: Michaella Trombley

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