Tips for Hosting a Housewarming Party Friends Featured ImageAfter packing up your belongings and making the big move to a brand-new home, you want to share your happiness with friends and family members. So, you decide to throw an awesome party and invite all of your loved ones in for a close look at your new place. 

Discover 11 tips for hosting a memorable housewarming party.

1. Plan for the Party

It’s best to take three or four weeks to settle into your home before throwing your party. You don’t want to feel pressured to rush through the unpacking process so you can start preparing for your get-together.

 Tips for Hosting a Housewarming Party Dinner ImageMaking a plan for your housewarming party helps you to complete the preparations in an organized way. Your party to-do list should include items such as making a guest list, creating invitations, devising a menu, shopping for the food and drinks, and setting up for the party. 

2. Provide Enough Seating

Some homeowners throw intimate housewarming parties with just eight or ten people. Others host housewarming celebrations with dozens of guests. Though most of your guests will probably mill around your home, it’s important to make sure there are enough seats available if they’d like to sit down. 

Add some throw pillows to the picture to make your sofa, chairs, and other furniture as appealing as you can for your guests. For additional seating, put out some folding chairs, an ottoman, and place a few stools around the room.

3. Light Some Scented Candles

The fragrance in your home contributes to its inviting atmosphere. So, set out some scented candles and light them just before your guests arrive. Candles featuring delicious food scents such as pumpkin pie, chocolate chip cookies, and vanilla, are especially pleasant.

4. Send Out Unique Invitations 

Take a photo of your home or ask a local artist to make a drawing of it so you can use the image for your housewarming party invitations. This will be the first introduction your guests have to your new home. Along with the necessary information such as the date and time of your party, be sure to include directions so your friends will have an easy journey.

5. Serve a Variety of Finger Foods and Drinks

Instead of serving lunch or dinner to your guests, go with a variety of finger foods. Finger foods are sure to appeal to most of your guests and it makes for an easy cleanup. Mini cheese enchiladas, rolls, pigs in a blanket, vegetable wraps, cookies, and cucumber sandwiches are just a few ideas. 

For your drinks, you could go with a selection of soda, sparkling water, coffee, and iced tea. If you want to serve alcohol at your party, you could stock your refrigerator with beer and wine so your guests could help themselves.

6. Play Soothing Background Music

Get your CD player out and choose some background music for your party. Relaxing jazz, classical, or soft rock are all ideal choices. The music is going to help your guests enjoy looking around your home even more.

7. Move Items to Create Open Space in Rooms

Take a few moments to look at the arrangement of the furniture in your rooms. In common areas like the living room, you might think of pushing your sofa, chairs, and other items closer to the walls. You don’t want to ruin the lovely design of your room, but you do want to have plenty of space for your guests to spread out and move freely.

8. Put Your Dogs Outside During the Party

Of course, you don’t have to put your dogs outside during your housewarming party. But, if you have large, rambunctious dogs, it may be a good idea. If any of your guests are allergic or wary of them, putting your pets outside for the duration of the party would be the most considerate thing to do.

9. Provide One Tour Halfway Through the Party

Some guests will probably want a tour of your new home. So, unless you want to give several tours, you can lead one about halfway through your get-together. This gives you the chance to show everyone the highlights of your home without leaving anyone out. 

 Tips for Hosting a Housewarming Party Gift Image10. Provide Gifts for Your Guests to Take Home

Set up a table near your front door and set out gifts for your guests to take with them when they leave. This is a fun way to end your housewarming party and leave everyone with a good feeling about your new home. 

Some ideas for gifts include:

  • A decorative bag of cookies baked in the shape of your house.
  • Small scented candles like the ones you had lit in your home.
  • Decorative tins with a sampling of the finger foods you served.
  • African violets, bright geraniums, or succulents in small pots.

11. Write Thank You Notes

Handwrite and send thank you notes to your guests a few days after your housewarming party. Your handwritten thank you notes will be a surprise to your guests and show them how much you appreciated their presence.

Do you know the greatest thing about building new and hosting a housewarming party? It’s a fun way to show off all the best parts of your personalized home.

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