understanding-design-process-new-home-build-couple-choosing-paint-colour.pngDesigning a home means choosing all the fine finishes that reflect your style – but how you choose makes all the difference. Being able to access to a wide range of colours, materials, and styles means you can make choices based on your unique tastes and personality. A knowledgeable design team helps you get the look you want, and avoid common (even costly) mistakes.

The Limitations of a Home Design Centre

Some home builders offer a design centre where you can view a variety of materials and select the ones you prefer. This sounds great, at first, until you realize space and selection are limited. Quite often, you’ll only be able to select from a small number of colours, materials, and styles, representing the most popular choices among the home builder’s clients. This may mean you have to settle what’s available rather than products and materials you really want.

Besides a limited array of options, you may also be required to make all your design selections in a single appointment. With only a small window to make such major choices regarding all of your homes features, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and make mistakes.

The Value of Meeting with Design Industry Suppliers

On the other hand, working with a builder who offers design supplier appointments means you can select from a broad range of materials and colours. These appointments offer one-on-one meetings with each supplier so you can carefully consider each product. From flooring to countertops, each supplier will be happy to answer all of your questions.

For example, Sterling Homes provides you with the opportunity to meet with all the experts over a period of four weeks. Suppliers of home appliances, cabinetry, flooring and paint will show you samples, swatches and all the elegant upgrades available for your new home. Take your time to compare the wide variety of options and choose from a myriad of premium materials, finishes, colours and must-have features.

Making Careful Design Decisions for Your Custom Home

understanding-design-process-new-home-build-choosing-flooring.pngThe ability to take samples home means you can ensure your choices will match your furniture, accessories, and artwork. The suppliers will also provide information on maintenance, installation, and warranties and any additional questions will be answered in detail. 

Detailed Information and Expert Answers

The opportunity to ask questions means you won’t make choices you’ll regret (i.e. carpet that won’t hold up well to heavy foot traffic or kitchen appliances that don’t have the features you need). One of the biggest advantages in building a home comes from choosing the features, and meeting with an expert who listens and understands makes all the difference.  It’s important you love the finishes and appliances you select, and they should enhance the beauty of your home.

Although design centre showrooms are advertised as high-end custom home perks, they don’t add the value of individual appointments with industry suppliers. Meeting with industry suppliers allows you to benefit from their expertise and the complete lines of products they offer. You can ask many questions, lean on them for guidance and choose products that perfectly match your lifestyle.

With the experts, settling is never an option.

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