Ways Wallpaper No Longer Just For Walls Featured ImageWallpaper can liven up a room, set the mood and help coordinate the furnishings, but it doesn’t have to be on the wall to do these things.

There are many creative ways to use wallpaper to your advantage when decorating. 

You’ll be surprised when you realize just how much you can do with a little wallpaper and your own craftiness. We’ve put together some do-it-yourself projects for you to try that will add a special touch to your home’s décor.

1. Re-Energize End Tables

Do you have an end table that you adore except for the scratched and discoloured surface? You can cover the top with a lovely wallpaper pattern, then add a sheet of glass. This will make it look trendy and refreshed, perfect for your master bedroom design. Lampshades can be spiffed up with an application of colourful wallpaper, and you can even add a contrasting colour to the base. This can be a money saver, too, because custom lampshades are pricey.

Ways Wallpaper No Longer Just For Walls Floral Image2.Custom Framing

Another crafty idea is to buy inexpensive wooden frames and add wallpaper to make them into custom frames for your living room. Some innovative crafters have even created artistic groupings of framed wallpaper. Wallpaper as artwork isn’t such a farfetched idea, actually. There are artists that create stunning pictures using contrasting bits of wallpaper vinyl. This can be an inexpensive way to decorate your foyer.

3. All Over the Kitchen

In your kitchen design, a coordinating pattern of wallpaper on the windowsills brightens and adds interest to the room. Another idea for kitchen décor is to use wallpaper to redo your cabinet faces. It’s quicker, cheaper and less messy than sanding and painting. Also, if you choose the right type of wallpaper, you can easily wipe it clean. It looks smashing to have the shelves inside the cabinet lined with the same pattern and again, it makes cleaning up a snap.

4. Refurbish Your Sofa

After you have the sofa cushions reupholstered, you can make the sofa look brand new by adding wallpaper to the hard surfaces. This is a chance to go out on a limb with your choices, maybe choosing an art deco look or faux-marble style. Use the same pattern on your end tables and coffee table for an innovative and original living room design.

Ways Wallpaper No Longer Just For Walls Trees Image5. Decorate Doorways 

If you’re a little bolder in your décor, you may add interest to a room by wallpapering the door. For a panelled door, you might only do the inset squares for a lighter touch. A pass-through doorway is another place you can decorate with wallpaper. You can line the sides of the arch between a living and dining area, creating a style transition between the two rooms. If there’s a standard door in one of the rooms, that’s a great place to carry on the motif. 

6. Creative Ceilings

Few people would think of wallpapering the ceiling, but it’s another decorating tip that can add interest to your home. A light, neutral colour gives the room a finished and cozy feeling, and you can choose a pattern with subtle hints of colour that match your furnishings. This can be a wonderful home feature if you have kids. Covering the ceiling of your child’s room with wallpaper that depicts the stars or animals would be a delight for them to look up at before bed.

7. Dress-Up Drawers

Wallpaper can be used to line any drawer in the house. In the bathroom, it will make it easier to clean up spilled cosmetics and dried-on toothpaste that collects in the drawers. In the kitchen, it’s a pleasant bonus for you since every time you open the drawers, you’ll see a pretty pattern. For drawers that are in main spaces, such as coffee tables or front entryway tables, you can continue the colour scheme of the rest of the furnishings by decorating the drawer fronts and/or sides

8. Cover Your Closets

The inside of a closet is often a part of the home that gets ignored when it comes to decorating. But there’s no reason not to add wallpaper to the back wall and make the space more interesting. The closet door is prime decorating space as well. If it’s a bedroom closet, you can even wallpaper the headboard of the bed to match. Wallpaper the lampshades, and you’ve got a complete redo of the bedroom décor.

9. Spice Up Shelving

Bookcases and shelves are also prime areas for upgrading with wallpaper. Line the bookcase shelves with wallpaper that goes with the furnishings and trim of the room for a polished look. A solid colour wallpaper on the outside of a shelf unit can also add texture and depth to that piece of furniture. Some innovative home crafters use contrasting designs in similar colours for the shelf and interior, or back of the shelf.

10. Step Up Your Staircase

Another more offbeat way to decorate is with wallpaper on the staircase. If you have uncarpeted stairs, covering the front of the risers with a patterned wallpaper can make them look special. This is an easy do-it-yourself job because the pieces are so small.

11. Magnificent Mantles

To draw more attention to a focal piece mantle, add a large square of wallpaper to the wall behind the mantle. Extend it to the edges of the mantelpiece and all the way to the ceiling to open up the room and add an elegant flair. For a more finished look, frame the wallpaper art with contrasting strips of wallpaper or baseboard trim.

You can probably come up with a few more original ideas for decorating with wallpaper in your home. Just about any accessory, container, or home furnishing is ripe for decoration. You’ll get a sense of accomplishment and pride when you improve your home décor with nothing but wallpaper scraps and a little time and creativity. Just don’t forget to take before-and-after photos!

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