What To Look For in a Builder Promotion Featured ImageYou and your family have decided to make your dream come true and move to Calgary. Naturally, you want to choose a great builder, so you can start your new life in a brand-new home. As you begin your search, you’ll notice several builders are offering special promotions. Learn the facts about builders’ promotions and whether they are a good deal for people in the market for a new home.

What is a Builder Promotion? 

Sometimes a home builder will include a promotion along with their regular advertisements. A promotion will highlight special enticements the builder is offering to those who sign up to have a home built during a certain period of time. These can include: 

  • Money for referring buyers to the builder
  • Closing discounts
  • Upgrades on the home 

Why Take Advantage of a Builder’s Promotion? 

If you plan to purchase a brand-new home, it makes sense to sign up with a builder who is willing to offer more to get your business. A promotion may get you some upgrades in your home, quick mortgage approval, money for a buyer referral or other extra benefit. In short, you get a brand-new home with all of the modern conveniences along with whatever bonuses the builder has to offer. Just be sure to do the following: 

What To Look For in a Builder Promotion Getting Keys ImageAsk Questions 

Feel free to ask questions about a builder’s promotion if you are puzzled about some aspect of it. You want to know all of the small details before signing on the dotted line. Reputable builders put out clear, straightforward promotions so potential buyers know exactly what is involved. 

Look at Reviews of the Builder’s Work 

If you want to know more about a builder’s work, promotions or customer service, look at reviews written by people who have done business with them. Find out what current homeowners have to say about the responsiveness of a builder and, more importantly, the honesty of the company. 

Take Your Time to Decide 

Some builder’s promotions are available for just a short time. But, this shouldn’t be your only reason to buy a home. Think of a builder’s promotion as icing on the cake, and remember to take all the time you need to decide whether to buy. 

We Love Promotions Too!

We love to offer great incentives for our homeowners – both past and present! That’s why for the month of November, those who currently own a Sterling Home and refer another happy new homeowner will earn $5000! Even if you don’t own a Sterling Home anyone who purchases with your referral can earn you $2000. This is nearly double the amount regularly offered by our referral program!

Keep in mind Sterling offers a variety of incentives, all the time! For example, any time you purchase one of our beautiful brand-new homes, you’ll receive one of our Full Real Estate Equity (aka F.R.E.E.) certificates. Having this certificate means when you decide it’s time to buy another Sterling Home, we cover the listing and selling commissions on your current one – potentially saving you up to  $20,000!

We also offer a diverse range of incentives across our communities. We recommend visiting any one of our show homes to inquire about specific promotions taking place in the neighbourhood – our area managers will be happy to tell you more! 


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