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Steps to Build Your Own

October 2020

1. The Search

Start with visiting our website or contacting our sales team to determine what community and what floor plan of our many masterfully designed homes best suits your lifestyle.   Our knowledgeable team will be able to assist you with narrowing down your search by offering expert advice on our standard and options to make your new home unique.

2. Homeownership and Financing

Purchasing a new home is very exciting, we have partnered with numerous lender professionals to ensure that we are able to address all your questions.  Contact one of our representatives to start working on your financing.

3. The Purchase

Meet with our sales team to sign your purchase agreement for your new home, our team will review the included features of your home as well as any changes that you are looking to make. Once you have reviewed your contract and have your unconditional mortgage approval the sales team will review the waiver of conditions with you, at this time the process of building your home officially starts.

4. First Blueprint Review

Our experienced design team will prepare your preliminary blueprints including all the changes you made at the time of purchase.  The sales team will meet with you to review the blueprints in the detail to ensure that your vision came to life.  At this time you will also decide what trade partners you would like to visit to make selections for your new home.

A pen laid on top of architectural drawings

5. Interior Selections

During this exciting time you will visit our trade partners to decide what unique selections you would like to include in your new home.

Our Design team will submit your preliminary blueprints to the developer to review the exterior changes to ensure that your home is perfectly designed for the neighborhood.

6. Final Blueprint Review

The sales team will meet with you to review the final blueprints for your new home as well as your interior selections and architectural changes.

7. Framing Walk Through

Our construction team will contact you once the framing and mechanical components of your home have been completed to set up a time to arrange an in person review.  This is your first opportunity to see your new home and address any questions you have about construction.  Shortly after you will receive a letter noting your preliminary possession date.

8. Pre-Paint Walkthrough

Our construction team will contact you to set up a time to meet at your new home once again, at this time you will review your interior selections as they are installed. They will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding any of the items in your home.

9. Home Orientation

This is your pre-possession walk through, your home is now complete and our warranty team will meet with you to orientate you on your new home as well as ensure that everything meets our standards of construction.

10. Possession Day

Your new home is now complete and it is time to move in.  You will meet with our construction team to review your home one more time and sign your certificate of possession and receive the keys to your home.

11. Service and Warranty

Sterling Homes provides you the peace of mind with our comprehensive 1-2-7-10 year Warranty Program.  Our warranty team will contact you to set up your warranty follow up appointments shortly after you move.


We sincerely thank you for choosing Sterling Homes to build your new home.

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