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Ready for a New Home in Calgary? Let’s Get You Settled.

Looking for a new home in Calgary that’s ready when you are? We’ve got you covered. Our quick possession homes are more than just structures; they’re warm, welcoming spaces where life unfolds. Each home features popular layout options and designer curated interiors. No long waits, just your next chapter in a home you’ll love.

Plus, the Without the Wait homes listed below offer a guaranteed possession date and only require a down payment of $20,000!

Dive into our listings below and find the one that feels just right for you.








Thank you for visiting Sterling Homes Calgary's Quick Possession section. Currently, we are sold out of Quick Possession homes. Please check back again for availability in the near term.

In the meantime, please visit our new home models page at the link below, and discover a home model that you can build in a given community as indicated on the right side of the floor plan for each home model:

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Explore Quick Possession Homes in Calgary: Prime Locations for Your Lifestyle

Choosing the right location in Calgary is pivotal for enhancing your quality of life. Our quick possession homes in Calgary are strategically positioned to offer more than just a place to live; they promise a lifestyle enriched with convenience, accessibility, and opportunities for personal growth and well-being. Each location is carefully selected to ensure ease of access to essential services, thriving neighborhoods, and serene environments. Explore our interactive map to find your ideal home in Calgary, offering the perfect balance for an enjoyable daily life.

Eco-Friendly Living in Calgary: Homes with 20% Higher Energy Efficiency

Sterling Homes in Calgary are not just residences; they’re a commitment to sustainable living. Our Calgary quick possession homes come standard with the 2023 Sterling Smart Energy package, integrating energy efficiency with smart technology for an eco-friendly lifestyle. Designed to exceed average energy efficiency by 20%, our homes in Calgary ensure a better living experience, promising comfort, cost savings, and minimal environmental impact.

Key Features of Our Eco-Smart Energy Package

  • Registration with Built Green for eco-friendly living standards.

  • Optimal Insulation with R-60, R35, & R20 for enhanced energy conservation.

  • Triple-pane Solar Shield Windows for maximum thermal efficiency.

  • Highly Efficient 96% Furnace and Active Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) System.

  • Advanced Honeywell Prestige Programmable Thermostat for smart temperature control.

  • Eco-Smart Lighting: Smart lights and switches for energy-efficient illumination.

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Seamless Transition to Your New Home in Calgary

Embarking on your homeownership journey in Calgary with a Sterling quick possession home means experiencing a hassle-free transition. We provide exclusive Virtuo Home Concierge service and complimentary moving boxes to streamline your move into our Calgary homes. Virtuo Concierge, your personal advisor, takes care of all the tasks to ensure your move to Calgary is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Comprehensive Moving Assistance Services

Easy Move

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  • Complimentary Moving Boxes for an organized packing experience.

  • Efficient Utilities Set-Up & Transfer to ensure essential services are ready upon your arrival.

  • Streamlined Garbage and Recycling Set-Up for an eco-friendly start in your new home.

  • Hassle-Free TV & Internet Set-Up & Transfers, for immediate connectivity.

  • Convenient Mail Set-Up and Forwarding to ensure no interruption in your correspondence.

  • Access to Quotes for Optional Moving and Move-In Services for additional support as needed.