The environment and our impact on it is a big deal. How we care for it will affect future generations.  Building energy efficiency and performance into every home is essential with Sterling Homes.  We care about creating a better future for customers and helping Build Your Best Life.  Each individual home is tested and certified by Built Green®, providing an Energuide rating which evaluates the efficiency and sustainability of the home. Knowing your home meets these criteria offers peace of mind that you are creating a better future for the next generation.

What does energy efficiency really mean?  Energy efficiency is simply the practice of using less energy to create the same output.  The most impactful way to alleviate harmful greenhouse gases from the environment is by lessening our own individual carbon footprint.  One example is using only LED light bulbs in your home – LED lighting uses 70-80% less energy in comparison to an incandescent light bulb and lasts longer, reducing waste and energy output simultaneously.

What are the benefits for new homeowners?  On average, Sterling Homes are 15% more efficient than the average home.  This offers substantial savings on monthly bills for electricity, gas and water, plus potential home insurance savings.  Another potential advantage is customers can save on mortgage insurance premiums and Build Green® certified homes hold stronger resale value for the future.  Additional daily benefits include higher indoor air quality and efficient heating systems that can be controlled from home or away with smart technology, both leading to higher efficiency and comfort in your home.

Below are just a few of the industry leading standards that Sterling Homes offers in every home we build:

  • Plans designed for natural light featuring low maintenance Solar Shield, double glazed, argon filled windows offering higher energy efficiency and keeping heat in your home.
  • Solar Chase for a Solar Ready Home in the future
  • Control Your Home Anytime, Anywhere with Honeywell Prestige Programmable Thermostat allowing you to monitor and adjust your home’s temperature, humidity, and ventilation
  • Reduced day-to-day operating costs: LED lighting, energy efficient appliances, water conservative plumbing fixtures, 48 US gal. natural gas water heater
  • 96% efficient furnace with active heat recovery ventilator (HRV) offers a healthier interior environment and superior air quality throughout the home
  • Your home will be well insulated from the exterior elements and comfortable year-round. Includes R-50 ceiling insulation, R-20 exterior wall insulation, R-12 basement wall insulation, R-35 spray foam insulation under living space above garage and cantilevers

Wanting to take it to the next level?  Sterling offers an optional Enhanced Energy Efficiency Bundle and Solar Panel packages to elevate your savings and positive impact on the environment even more!  Read about how Sterling Homes has taken it to the next level with our High Impact Building Envelope, Sirocco Solar Power Home and Drake Landing Solar Community.

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