Partner Spotlight: Realtors

Sterling Homes has a fantastic Realtor program in place that will not only protect your interests, as a realtor, but also ensure a smooth and rewarding partnership with us and your clients.

May 26, 2023

Here at Sterling Homes, we understand the importance of relationships, not just with our homeowners, employees, or trade partners, but with realtors alike. We celebrate the unwavering dedication, professionalism and expertise realtors offer to their clients and Sterling and their crucial role in helping people find their dream home.

Sterling has a fantastic Realtor program in place that will not only protect your interests, as a realtor, but also ensure a smooth and rewarding partnership with us. We will make certain your customer’s needs are taken care of when delivering our Proven Process to help facilitate their new home purchase. Let’s dive into the details!


The first step in our partnership starts when a Realtor accompanies and registers their client(s) on their FIRST visit to the Sterling Homes Sales Center in each subdivision. This way, you can provide personalized guidance and expert advice right from the beginning of their homebuying journey. Whether your clients are looking to build or for a quick possession home, we work together to find the right home for them.

As a registered Realtor, you can rest assured that you’re protected against a direct sale by Sterling to the Purchaser in this subdivision for a period of 30 days. This exclusive timeframe allows you to foster a strong relationship with your client and secure their best interests. Keep in mind that after 30 days, the Realtor-Builder agency relationship must be re-established in writing by re-registering the client. Stay on top of the game to continue enjoying the benefits!


Sterling believes in recognizing your hard work and dedication. For every firm sale you bring to us, we offer standard selling Realtor’s commission (3.5% on the first $100,000 and 1.5% on the remaining balance of the final sale price, excluding GST). The commission calculation applies to both listed and non-listed properties.

We understand that receiving your well-earned commission in a timely manner is crucial. Once you’ve received your Purchaser’s Waiver of all conditions from Sterling Homes, you can promptly invoice us. Rest assured that all Realtor commissions will be paid directly to the registered Realtor’s Brokerage within approximately 10 working days after closing. We value your partnership and aim to make the process seamless for you.

Level Playing Field

At Sterling, we believe in transparency and fairness. We don’t combine Realtor commissions or any referrals from Realtors, Purchasers, or other individuals. Each party’s hard work deserves recognition and a reward that is exclusively theirs.

We also don’t limit the number of sales from one Realtor. If you’re working with several people and they all want to buy or build a new Sterling home, we would be happy to make that happen.

Join us at Sterling Homes and unlock a world of possibilities! As a Realtor, you’ll enjoy a supportive environment, generous commissions, and a lasting partnership that benefits everyone involved. Together, we’ll help clients find their perfect homes and create memorable experiences along the way. Get ready to make dreams come true with Sterling Homes!

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About the Author: Vickie Cugnet

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