Moving Tips To Help Get THe Job Done Smoothly And With Less Stress

You’ve finally done it, you bought a house! What next? Your builder representative or realtor will help guide you through the paperwork and legal aspects of it all, but the rest of it can be a somewhat daunting experience: packing, unpacking, utilities to name just a few things to consider. What do you need to make your new house feel like home? Here’s a few quick ideas to help you through the process of moving and getting settled in.

Hiring a Mover

There’s nothing worse than the dreaded task of packing and moving all of your belongings. Hiring a professional moving company is a great option. They take the worry and stress out of everything and could save your walls from the onslaught of scuffs and dings. If professionals are not in your budget or you’d rather do it yourself. Ask some family and friends over and thank them with pizza and a cold beverage.

Pack for Success

The biggest hassle with packing is trying to find boxes. Brand new boxes can be purchased through moving companies and most hardware stores or you can find used boxes. Try looking at used buy/sell sites such as Kijiji or Facebook groups. The best time to look is the beginning to mid-month Moving Tips To Help Get The Job Done Smoothly And With Less Stresswhen most people who moved the previous month are all done, or speak with local stores and find out when they stock their shelves, ask them if they can set aside some boxes for you.If you’re willing to put in the leg work, boxes can be easy. When it comes to your fragile pieces, most common practice is to wrap them in moving paper or newspaper, alternatively use your linens. Tea towels and face clothes for the smaller items, towels and throw blankets for the larger items. Wrap your TV’s and favourite furniture pieces in bed sheets and blankets. Not only will everything stay protected, it will also eliminate the use of boxes for otherwise bulky items.


When you move into your new home you’re going to need heat and lights. Shop around, if you’re a brand new customer many companies will offer special promotions. Ask your future neighbours who they use, if the services they provide work well in your neighbourhood and how the customer services is. Don’t be afraid to call different companies and ask for additional promotions, cable and internet providers are notorious for offering better deals if you call in and ask. Each company is vying for your business so contacting each could considerably sweeten the deal for you and make your monthly bills a bit cheaper.

Packing the Essentials

You finally get the keys to your new home and it’s time to start the move, it can be hectic and things can get misplaced in the shuffle of it all including the bare necessities. Try packing a separate bag or bMoving Tips To Help Get The Job Done Smoothly And With Less Stressox that is full of the must haves for the first few days in your house such as toilet paper, hand soap, towel, garbage bags, knife for opening boxes, paper plates and cups. If you plan on sleeping in the house the first night ensure your sheets, pillows and blankets are easily accessible. Think about putting these items in one central location such as the pantry, closet or leaving them in your car. Having a handle on the essentials will relieve a lot of the stress and eliminate the need make quick trips to stores to purchase items you know you have but just can’t find yet.


While moving can be exhausting and at times stressful, there are a few ways to make it a little easier, being organized and taking care of the important items ahead of time will greatly alleviate moving day hassles. Set the proper expectations for yourself, Rome wasn’t built in a day and turning your house into a home won’t either. Tackle the important areas first and the rest will happen with time. Just remember to enjoy the experience, these are the first memories you will be making in your new home.

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