What Made You Move to YYC? Sterling Weighs In

We took this question to employees and Sterling partners who recently made the move to Calgary and the love for their new city was palpable.

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January 30, 2023

A recent study by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) revealed Calgary as the third most livable city in the world, tied with Zurich, Switzerland.

While Calgary has been a long-standing member in the top ten, this is the highest ranking the city has received, beating out larger cities like Vancouver and Toronto.
So, what makes Calgary so livable and why should you call it home?

We took this question to employees and Sterling partners who recently made the move to Calgary and the love for their new city was palpable.


For starters, there is no denying the natural splendor right outside our front door. Few places offer the diversity of landscapes that Alberta has. A short drive west, and you can lose yourself in the vast wilderness surrounding the Canadian Rockies.

Few hours to the Southeast and you can dig for dinosaur bones in the Badlands. Within the city limits, the winding path systems, large parks and carefully integrated green spaces allow you to get lost in nature within the city. Combine this with, on average, 333 days of sunshine a year and it’s easy to stay connected with the outdoors.


There is no shortage of personal and professional opportunities in Calgary. Offering more than just oil and gas jobs, Calgary’s diverse economy tailors to all industries and skill sets, plus allows room to grow and build any career.

Outside of work, Calgary is vibrant, culturally diverse, and rich with new adventures waiting to be explored. We have no shortage of top-tier restaurants, festivals and family friendly activities, leaving something for everyone, and let’s not forget the Stampede. Yahoo!


This was the answer we heard the most when talking with people. Owning a home is more obtainable in Calgary without leaving you house poor. In Calgary, the housing market has been historically lower compared to other major cities.

Along with buying with a home, Alberta also has the lowest sales tax rate in the country, at only 5% GST and zero PST, making even your day-to-day expenses more affordable. Combined with our strong job market, Calgary allows for an ideal work/life balance.


Lastly, the people. Time and time again, the people of YYC are nothing short of amazing. With a population of 1.3 million, you get all the amenities of a big city, but the community and comradery of a small town.

With lower than the national average crime rate, Calgary is a safe city, with citizens who care and look out for one another. Kindness, patience, and respect are a few words that were used to describe Calgary’s residence and on a national stage, Calgary is known for rallying together and helping those that need it without thinking twice.

For years, Calgary has been a hidden gem, however our recent climb in the rankings for most livable city reflects the welcoming nature of the city.

It’s natural beauty, opportunities, affordability, and people make Calgary an ideal place to call home.

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