Leading the Way in Energy Efficient Living with Net Zero Homes

As a CHBA Qualified Net Zero Builder, we proudly offer a range of Net Zero packages that not only improve sustainability, but also provide numerous benefits for homeowners.

June 8, 2023
Solar Panels on and energy efficient home

Did you know that Calgary, one of the sunniest cities in the world, is an ideal place for harnessing solar power? At Sterling Homes, we are dedicated to enhancing your home’s energy efficiency. As a CHBA Qualified Net Zero Builder, we proudly offer a range of Net Zero packages that not only improve sustainability, but also provide numerous benefits for homeowners.

Every Sterling Home comes equipped with our essential Smart Energy package, which includes energy efficient and smart home upgrades to improve the comfort and convenience in your life. Bode, a local real estate company, has expressed that studies indicate energy-efficient homes can be worth up to 10% more, reflecting the growing interest in reducing carbon footprints and operating costs throughout Canada.

By choosing one of our Net Zero or Net Zero Energy Ready packages, you can elevate your new home even further. Let’s explore the similarities in both packages and how they contribute to energy savings:

  • Upgraded Insulation and Basement Slab Styrofoam: These enhancements ensure superior comfort, regulate temperature, and provide soundproofing.
  • Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater and Upgraded Heat Recovery System: By utilizing cutting-edge technology, these systems provide efficient heating and hot water, reducing energy consumption.
  • 98% Energy Efficient Tankless Hot Water System: This advanced system ensures a continuous supply of hot water while minimizing energy waste.
  • Upgraded Framing and Continuous Exterior Air Barrier: These features eliminate air leaks and enhance insulation, resulting in superior efficiency.
  • Enhanced HVAC and Ventilation: Our upgraded heating and ventilation systems provide optimal indoor air quality, increasing comfort and promoting a healthy living environment.

All the mentioned elements are included in a Net Zero Energy Ready home, which is also prepared for future solar panel installation and allows for the use of gas within the home.

For those seeking the highest level of energy efficiency, our Net Zero Package is the ideal choice. It offers additional features, including:

  • Full Solar Array: With a generous $40,000 allowance for solar panels, your home has the potential to produce as much energy as it consumes and a zero-dollar annual electric bill. Plus Net Zero Homes do not feature any gas utilities in the home, therefore your gas bill is non-existent.
  • Daikin Skyair Heat Pump: This state-of-the-art heat pump efficiently regulates indoor temperatures, reducing reliance on natural gas and resulting in cost savings and a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Daikin One+ Smart Thermostat: This intelligent thermostat optimizes your home’s energy usage, ensuring maximum efficiency and comfort. Simply set it and forget it!

The Net Zero Package not only provides savings on your bills, but also offers peace of mind and a positive environmental impact.

Bode has observed that customers are increasingly seeking solutions like Net Zero and solar panels when searching for a new home. Rising utility bills have led buyers to prioritize energy-efficient homes that incorporate sustainable technology and energy-efficient fixtures.

With Sterling Homes’ Net Zero packages, you can transform your home into an energy-efficient oasis while reducing your environmental impact. Whether you choose the Net Zero Energy Ready Package or the comprehensive Net Zero Package, you’ll enjoy the benefits of superior insulation, advanced heating and cooling systems, and the potential to eliminate your electric bill. Embrace the future of sustainable living with Sterling Homes and take advantage of our expertise in building energy-efficient homes tailored to your lifestyle.

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