Community Spotlight: Harmony

Enjoy lower heating bills and protect the environment by moving into a Harmony community home. Learn more about what else this stunning community has to offer.

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October 2, 2017
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Think of “harmony” they often associate it with a sense of wholeness, coupled with balance.

When home buyers decide to move into Harmony, the community, they’ll find they have access to both.

We know you’ll enjoy the holistic planning in this community which offers residents a relaxed neighbourhood atmosphere as well as easy access to downtown Calgary.

Some Highlights of Living in Harmony

Harmony offers the benefits of both open spaces and the charm of a friendly village setting. You’ll have a large enough lot for outdoor family fun, while still being in close enough proximity to get to know your neighbours. The small town feel and city convenience in one location, are worthy of further investigation.

Another great perk that comes with Harmony is a selection of home plans that make it easier for you to build your dream home. For example, the modern, open look of the Aurora 2 will impress all your visitors. The Columbia 2 and McKinley 2 models offer that perfect blend of classic and modern to make a good impression as well.

The diversity of home styles will encourage you to build a home perfect for your family’s needs.

Community Amenities to Love

Harmony is a lake community, providing a wonderful touch of nature without having to venture far from your home. The freshwater lake spans 140 acres, making it one of the larger lakes in the Calgary area. You’re sure to love the experience of having this lake so close by.

In addition to having a lake, there’s a walkable village core. You’ll be able to get out and walk as often as you want. Also nearby is a golf course, encouraging you to try out a few rounds at your leisure.

A public school sits conveniently within the community, making it easier for families with kids to enjoy all the benefits of the community more readily. Art programs allow the whole community to get involved with the arts. A community greenhouse allows residents of all ages to get involved with growing produce for household usage.

Additional Community Amenities

Harmony helps foster an environment ideal for everyone from home workers to executives that do business close to home. The easy commuting offered by this community makes putting down roots here an easy choice. As the community continues to grow, you’re likely to find more opportunities to advance your business further.

The Health & Wellness Centre allows you to keep yourself as fit as possible. There is also a fresh food market, offering the freshest foods for all your culinary creations. The community’s design and amenities make living a healthy lifestyle more attainable than ever.

Things to Do Out and About

Sports fields are in the neighbourhood, perfect for both formal and pick-up sports. Kids can spend time at playgrounds throughout Harmony, all accessible through the walking trail system. Adults dedicated to fitness will appreciate the wealth of fitness stations throughout the community.

For a little more adventure on the weekends, The Rocky Mountains are a relatively short ride from Harmony. There, you’ll benefit from plenty of opportunities for mini-vacations, from camping in the summer and to skiing and snowboarding in the winter.

A Sustainable Lifestyle

Harmony is designed as a sustainable community, with a dedication to protecting the environment.

The homes are designed for maximum energy efficiency, so you’ll help protect the environment and enjoy lower heating bills. A water treatment and management program utilizing the latest technology will consistently provide you with quality water. You’ll also be pleased to know about the wetlands and reforestation plans designed to help keep the neighbourhood’s ecological balance intact.

Choosing Harmony is one of the wisest decisions you’ll make in your quest for a new home community. The neighbourhood amenities, home plan choices and sustainability plans will reassure you that you’ve made the right choice.

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