Supplier Spotlight: Empire Drywall

We're excited to continue our Supplier Spotlight series with Empire Drywall, a renowned supplier setting new standards in the drywall industry. With Empire Drywall, every home transformation journey is an incredible story in progress.

Michaella Trombley

April 17, 2024

Doug, our point person at Empire Drywall, exemplifies how they take drywalling to a whole new level, from what it appears to be on the surface to what it truly takes to get it to its finished form in a home. Empire Drywall’s services include spray foam and insulation installation, applying plastic poly atop the insulation for added protection, and expertly crafting sheet blocker drywall.

One of the vital components discussed by Doug is ‘Attic Rain,’ a term referring to problems where warm, moist air leaks into the attic, causing condensation and, in turn, issues like mold growth and structural damage. Doug shares a number of useful tips and tricks to combat this issue, such as running a ventilation fan both before and after showering to minimize moisture build-up.

Another critical recommendation provided by Empire Drywall is conducting an annual check in your attic to ensure all insulation and ventilation systems are working properly. This regular maintenance can significantly extend the lifespan of your home’s drywall and insulation, and notably improve the overall energy efficiency of your home.

Working with Empire Drywall isn’t merely about completing a task, it spans right from envisioning to experiencing a unique masterpiece in your own home. Elevate your living spaces with Empire Drywall, and expect marvelous results that epitomize sophistication and exemplify your individual style. This is more than construction – this is the art of creating a place that truly feels like home. If you are looking for a new home reach out to our team today!

About the Author: Michaella Trombley

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