Design & Decor: What’s Trending for 2021

We recently sat down with Glenda Bourk, Sterling’s go-to interior designer, to chat about the biggest trends for design and decor for the upcoming year.

Bailee Billington

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December 7, 2020

The biggest trends for design and décor for the upcoming year.

Interior design and decorating are a step in the home-building process which can really let homeowners show off their unique style and personality.

While the options can sometimes seem endless, and even overwhelming, it is the opportunity to create both beauty and function within your home.

We recently sat down with Glenda Bourk, Sterling’s go-to interior designer, to chat about the biggest trends for design and decor for the upcoming year.

Our biggest take away?

The overarching trends we are loving this year are industrial touches, mid-century modern decor and the idea of ‘bringing the outdoors in’ with shades of green, foliage and organic materials.

Don’t worry, we’ve got a few ideas on how to implement these trends and some inspiration photos as well!

Whether you’re in the process of building a new home or looking to refresh your current space, here are Glenda’s top tips for staying on trend and making it your own:


Accent walls continue to be a great way to add personality to a space, whether it be in the powder room or the great room.Glenda advises that texture is huge; stone, wood and marble create great interest and spice up any space.

Wall treatments and mouldings can be added to an existing room or make a great upgrade selection if you’re building.

If you’re looking to update your current space or stick to a budget, wallpaper and paint can go a long way! Wallpaper gives you nearly endless options for colour, pattern and even texture.

Bold, earthy paint colours, even on just one accent wall, can give a space a fresh new feel.


White cabinets have been very on trend for a few years now and will continue to be favoured in 2021 – but if you’re the type that wants to be ahead of the curve, you can try a natural wood cabinet too.

Tones like natural maple and ‘bleached’ or ‘blonde’ wood tones are starting to become very popular. If you’re looking and going for darker tones, Glenda suggests that hues like ebony and black with green or gray undertones are picking up momentum.

Colour blocking large cabinet areas like a kitchen is a great way to incorporate both styles too, you can opt to have all upper cabinets be light and lower cabinets be dark, or have the island be a different colour from the cabinets against the wall.

If overhauling all your existing cabinets is too much, Glenda also suggests updating your hardware to change things up.

Switching out your cabinet handles is a simple solution to give a new feel to your kitchen and bathrooms.

Bold metals like gold and copper are very on trend, as well as black hardware. This trend is a great way to add glamour and elegance to a room and can be complimented with similar sink faucets and door hardware as well.


Whether building a new home or redecorating your current home, lighting is key to bringing a room to life!

Luckily, there are tons of light fixtures that are not only functional, but very stylish.

Big, bold geometric shapes are very popular. Retro, mid-century modern lights add interest to a room whether it be beautiful pendants to hang over your kitchen island or a tabletop lamp in a home office.

The term “chandelier” has really expanded and does not necessarily mean sparkly crystals, it has expanded to include mixed metals, glass and even wood.

Since fixtures are available in a variety of sizes, a statement piece can be well suited to nearly any room in a home, from the foyer, to an open staircase, to a guest bedroom.

Feeling inspired?

Home design and style is different for everyone but can be a great way to showcase your character and give a personal touch to your home.

We have all spent a lot more time at home since March, and you are not alone if you have started to feel the need to update, re-decorate or even start looking for a new house!

No doubt, it can also be overwhelming and it’s nice to have professionals around to bounce your ideas off of. That’s where our Sterling sales team comes in, they can assist with making your ideas work in your new home and creating a floorplan that best suits your lifestyle.

Additionally, Sterling Homes is providing all our customers with a free design consultation with Glenda Bourk included with every home purchase with us for a limited time.

This can be used early in your design phase, or even up to three months after your possession date to discuss decorating and furniture placement.

Tell us what your favourite home trend is for the upcoming year, or even better: show us! If you’ve recently decorated or updated your home, tag us in your photo on Instagram or Facebook!

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