Featured Partner: Bjornson Designs

Bjornson continues to deliver phenomenal work to hundreds of Sterling homeowners every year and we could not be happier to have such a great partnership with them.

Bailee Billington

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February 20, 2021

Bjornson Designs

Sterling Homes is proud to be celebrating our big milestone 70th anniversary in 2021.

This has us reflecting on our journey.

Our philosophy has always been to “do the right thing”. Partnering with companies with similar values has been a fundamental part of this.

Throughout this year, we will be sharing spotlights on our trade partners that play an integral part in building the houses that many of our happy customers call home.

Where Quality & Style Meet

Sterling Homes has proudly worked with Bjornson Designs since 2008, and they have provided cabinetry in thousands of our homes.

Their work is constantly a showstopper, whether it’s in a kitchen, ensuite or even a mudroom.

The team at Bjornson goes the extra mile and always find a way to meet all customers’ needs.

Upon stepping into their showroom, customers are greeted by several stunning kitchen displays. Everything from modern, white shaker-style cabinets to a distressed Victorian style cabinetry.

Their work not only shows beautifully but is also incredibly functional and long lasting. Bjornson’s team works hard to stay in tune with what their customers need and want from their designs and can customize any shape or function for a room.

They were one of the first to offer pull out drawers for recycling and garbage bins and will also custom make organizers and separators for cutlery drawers. Our executive kitchen package highlights their work with open shelving in the island and extra storage drawers.

The Details Matter

The Bjornson showroom is more than just impressive kitchens though!

As you continue through, you’ll see examples of mudroom lockers, bathroom vanities of varying sizes and heights and impressive cocktail bars.

Their boardroom features multiple styles of built-in shelving and drawers that double as sample holders for their customer meetings. This room is used constantly and is a live example of the solid craftsmanship that Bjornson delivers in their work.

The details matter to the Bjornson team. To give every customer the best, they have gone above and beyond industry standards and continue to set the bar higher.

This is evident in their dovetail constructed drawers (pictured below), soft close drawers and multitude of maple cabinets colours and style. These details and options are not upgrades with Bjornson, they are standard for every home they are a part of!

Whether you want trendy navy-blue cabinets, or decide to stick with a traditional white, Bjornson’s touch will stand the test of time and become a beautiful and functional addition to your home.

Bjornson continues to deliver phenomenal work to hundreds of Sterling homeowners every year and we could not be happier to have such a great partnership with them. In 2020 they celebrated their fifteenth year in business and one visit with them will show you why they are still thriving.

Not only are they the best at what they do, but their team is like a family, and their customers are an extension of that family.

Be sure to check out Bjornson Designs online (@bjornsondesigns) and visit their website at: bjornsondesigns.ca

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