How to Choose the Best Neighbourhood in Calgary 2021

A big challenge of buying a new home in Calgary tends to be selecting the neighbourhood (or community) to live in. The old saying that the most important three words in real estate are ‘location, location and location’ places a lot of added pressure on this decision.

April 28, 2021

Location, Location, Location – What does this really mean?

“Location, location, location” is a common saying in real estate, however, most people have no idea what it really means.

Location is key to valuable real estate as you consider the accessibility, appearance, and amenities of a community as well as plans for future development.

Building in a new community can be a very exciting prospect, although envisioning the finished product, whether it’s the house or the neighborhood, can be tricky when all that is seen is empty lots and a few showhomes – similar to how our new Ambleton community looks right now!

New communities come with their own unique qualities that can be hard to find in older communities though.

One of the most attractive qualities is having a home with new plumbing, electrical and appliances – and the warranty to go along with them.

Qualities of New Communities


Things like pathways, trees and ponds may not be complete when you are looking but rest assured that there is a plan in place for all these attractive features.

Developers are excellent at building a community in strategic phases that allow the community amenities and features develop as more homes are built and people move in – allowing a true community ‘feel’ to develop – while also piggy-backing on existing amenities in fully-developed neighboring communities.


As an example, communities like Pine Creek and Sirocco are very new, but have very close and easy access to the grocery stores, restaurants, and banks in the well-developed retail area across Macleod Trail in the south end of Calgary.


New developments also tend to be on the outer edges of a town or city, which is great for those who like being able to escape into nature easily for hiking, camping or other outdoor activities – this is a feature that has brought many happy customers to communities like 4-time Community of the Year Harmony in Springbank as well as Rivercrest, the Willows and Heartland in Cochrane.

Older neighborhoods are typically situated closer to a city’s centre and downtown activities. Styles of homes and sizes of lots vary more, so sometimes selection can be greater but the esthetic and inner workings of a house may not be as consistent.

Older neighborhoods also tend to boast larger trees and a completed community with all green spaces, parks, and amenities up and running.

Community Considerations

Using these tips to do your own self-assessment of what factors are most important to you should ease the stress of choosing the right location.

When looking to build in a new community, be sure to ask questions to the showhome sales teams – they are incredibly knowledgeable about the plans for a community and the timeline of establishing the amenities and features that are important to you.

What Buyers Want

The latest Consumer Housing Trends Report from Zillow also shows some of the topmost considerations for those looking to purchase a new construction home.

Our 4 top Items to Consider:

  1. Your daily commute: Access to major roadways and potentially public transit
  2. Appearance: Signage, green spaces and pathways enrich the look of a community
  3. Proximity to amenities: Schools, grocery store, pharmacy, etc.
  4. Civic developments: Fire stations, hospitals, and new infrastructure

These considerations will create a more confident and enjoyable home buying experience for you. Don’t let the saying ‘location, location, location’ decision hold you back from improving your life with home ownership.

About the Author: Bailee Billington

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